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8 Fall Staples

Today’s outfit is absolutely full of pieces that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for Fall. I mean, my original plan was to feature 3 Fall staples today, but this outfit has way more than 3. It actually has 8. I mean, I’m wearing 8 items, and I truly feel like you need them all. Now, I’m not saying you need all of these pieces new (I bet most of you already have at least a couple of these items)….and you don’t necessarily need the exact thing I’m wearing, BUT YOU DO NEED ITEMS LIKE THE ONES I’M WEARING! I consider every single piece I’m wearing today a NECESSARY FALL STAPLE! So what do you need? What are these necessary fall staples? That’s easy! A great striped tee, a military jacket, a leopard belt, a great pair of black jeans, a pair of cognac booties, a cognac bag or tote, a pair of bold statement earrings, and a pendant necklace. Yep, I feel like I can make a solid case for all 8 pieces. All 8 pieces came together for a great outfit today, but these are all pieces that you can AND WILL mix and match with sooooo many different outfits. striped tee / military jacket / Sims stone necklace / gold statement earrings / leopard belt / Wit and Wisdom black jeans / similar cognac tote (from same maker) / cognac booties First of all, EVERYBODY needs a military jacket. At least one. I have several and wear them all the time. And I don’t even think it’s weird that I have several, because I find myself grabbing for each of them frequently. They are different lengths, different shades of olive, and different styles (sweater back, peplum hem, structured collar, flouncy collar, etc). And if you are wondering how easily you will be able to style an olive green jacket with your existing wardrobe, let me stop you right there. It’s a neutral that will go with almost everything. This particular jacket is light weight, fitted, and has a collar that you can pop if you so desire. #andido I sized up to a medium in the jacket, but I often do in jackets like this. Sadly, my jacket is almost sold out…so I’ve rounded up some great military jacket options from different retailers. Just click on what you are interested in! And I want to go ahead and highlight one of the jackets above…the one I think that is probably the most universally appealing. It comes in both a regular army green and a camo version. It’s new to the site, so I haven’t seen it in person, but I think it looks soooo cute! If history for jackets like this is any indication, this will sell out quickly. Still, I’ve ordered the camo one (you know, for research!), and I will hopefully be able to show it on me on Friday if you want to get a better idea for fit. I just hope it holds stock until then! Click HERE for the jacket. Secondly, everybody needs a pair of black jeans, and these are my favorite. This exact outfit would look great with regular denim too, but the black denim just elevates the entire look. My black jeans are from Wit and Wisdom, and you know I’m one of their biggest fans. Just like some of the other jeans I’ve highlighted in the past, these jeans have the Ab-solution technology. Which means that the jeans suck you in, while somehow still allowing you to breathe. They just hug you in all the right places and they don’t stretch out during the day. (Styling tip: When looking at my pictures, I wish I would have cuffed the jeans to show a little bit of ankle! I normally do this, but this was my 3rd outfit we were shooting on this particular day, and I had changed in the car! Ha! Click HERE to see the same jeans on me, but cuffed!) For size reference, I’m wearing the regular 4s here because the petites weren’t available at the time when I ordered these. If ordering now, I would try the petites (and I’m 5’4″). If between sizes, I would suggest sizing down because although they don’t stretch out, they are very stretchy! Go read the reviews if you are on the fence about these jeans. Some tidbits from reviewers follow: “feel like butter”, “most comfortable jeans I have ever bought”, “no muffin top” , “great post partum jeans”, “nice and stretchy”, “comfortable and forgiving”, “fit like a glove”, “great stretch”, “soft and comfortable”, “really flattering”, and “my new go to jeans”. I mean, LADIES! That’s some high praise! The leopard belt is an item that you will be seeing over and over again all season long. I think of it as a really fun neutral, and I will be wearing it with so many different colors (regular denim, black, white, grey, wine, red, blush, and Kelly green…just to name a few). A great striped top is a necessity all year long, and this one is ONLY $17! I think the neckline is very flattering, and I love that it’s a relaxed fit. I sized up to a medium because I needed the room in the chest, but I only recommend sizing up if you need ample chest room. If you prefer a long sleeve option, click HERE. The gold statement earrings are big and bold, and I love that they pack a punch! And the biggest plus is that they go with everything. They are maybe a tiny bit on the heavy side for those of you that are really sensitive to that, but I can wear them all day long (and really heavy earrings give me headaches). I got the gold, but they also come in silver and rose gold. And if you want a less expensive and lighter option, click HERE for another pair I own and love. A long pendant necklace is also a staple in my closet and wardrobe. And it’s your lucky day, because my friends at Accessory Concierge are still allowing the code STONESTEAL to be used on the Sims Stone Necklace! You can get it for $20 with the STONESTEAL code, and it’s regularly $42. BUT Y’ALL. This is reallllllllllllllly it. They are officially ending this necklace code this week and have absolutely no plans of bringing it back. So, get it while the gettin’ is good! Click HERE for the necklace. Remember, it also comes in black, turquoise, orange, pink, and green! And it makes a great gift. Okay, so let’s talk about the cognac tote. A cognac tote has been a necessity in my wardrobe for years, but the ones I’ve carried are on the more expensive side. So, in response to reader requests, I was trying to find a great tote for under $100. I have ordered COUNTLESS cognac bags trying to find the perfect one (and trying to stay under $100), and this was the best one I’d found when it came time for me to shoot this look. Sadly, it’s now sold out. As luck would have it, this one arrived 2 days later, and I like it sooooo much more (even though it wasn’t under $100). I’ll be showing it in future posts for sure. I love that you can wear it cross body, but for those of you that want the option to be able to carry it over your shoulder, the handles aren’t long enough for that. If your heart is set on a tote, I do have a couple of options for you at various price points: 1) for a light cognac bag, my Mamuye tote from Live FashionAble is always a great option (it’s raw leather), 2) for a darker cognac, I highly recommend my Floretine leather Savannah tote from Barrington (use the code STMTSAVE10 for 10% OFF), and 3) this tote is from the same maker as the one I’m carrying, and it’s UNDER $100. If you are wanting to go a less expensive route, this tote is super popular and just under $50…and this tote is ON SALE for just under $20 . I mean, it’s always nice to have options, right?!? Cognac booties are another absolute essential in my book. Sadly, the ones I’m wearing (that are a lot more cognac in person, by the way) are almost sold out. BUT IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR GREY OR BLACK BOOTIES, they ARE NOW 60% OFF and pretty well stocked!! They are regularly $169.95, and now they are ONLY $67.98! What a deal! They are comfortable with a block heel and a great heel height of 2 3/4″. But even though I think that black and/or grey booties are great to have for versatility, if I had to have just one pair of booties, I would go with cognac. So, since mine are sold out, I want to give you some options! Click HERE for a great pair of cognac wedge booties that just hit the site! If you prefer a block heel, click HERE. We’ve now gone over the following as pieces I feel are necessary to have in your closet for fall: 1) a great striped tee, 2) a military jacket, 3) a leopard belt, 4) a great pair of black jeans, 5) a pair of cognac booties, 6) a cognac bag or tote, 7) a pair of bold statement earrings, and 8) a pendant necklace. Get The Look For Yourself Here. Just click on the item(s) you are interested in! And now I’m curious. Did I adequately make the case for all 8 items? Sound off in the comments if there are certain items that you agree are ABSOLUTELY FALL STAPLES! And if there are a handful of these items that you don’t own yet, start trying to add some in here and there! See y’all back here on Friday for Friday Favorites! The post 8 Fall Staples appeared first on Sheaffer Told Me To.

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