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vestido Abito
vestido Abito
vestido camisero estampado
tie knot dress
long flared gown
vestido drapeado largo

The latest Resort 2019 collection by Alberta Ferretti has been quite surprising. If you are the fashion fan that really catches and gets the main style directions of the fashion mainstream labels, Alberta Ferretti could be seen as the epitome of the high femininity and gentle almost whimsical style. The lightness and ethereal aesthetics have been the main style highlight so to change that winning design approach into the something new and something else could be seen as very daring worthy and brave!  Seems that Resort 2019 collection was the perfect moment. This just emphasizes the term of Resort where the easy approach to the style experiments is more possible than in the usual Ready To Wear collections which represent the main style and design spirit! And this fact has been recognized as the impeccable indicative to try something new. With the totally new and edgy spirit which is in the sight in this collection may be the new design era for Alberta Ferretti! But let's see up close what we have in this collection! What first catches our attention is a totally new aesthetic approach or well, we could easily say a style maneuver. The usually modern romantic touch here has converted into the edgy and bold military look. With the cargo pants as the main and starting point, this whole collection has rolled into the totally new direction for the house of Alberta Ferretti. This more casual spin has been undertoned with the robust mini jackets and shrunk antelope boots. If we take one more look we could see that beside this military and casual nature, one more style inspiration line was there to catch. The modern Pocahontas theme was here on the point with the Apache alike prints on the capes and the dresses discovering what the main idea and inspiration was for this Resort 2019 collection. And yes, in all of that robust kind of aesthetic the dresses once again have kept that usual and the classic Alberta Ferretti design. They are just the inevitable item in Ferretti design but this time they looked completely different! The ethereal, light, silky and sheer rich, the dresses were the ultimate source of the new femininity which for Ferretti is bold, with the approach and attitude. They are just floral prints free and kept in the same Indian vibes style. This collection is the perfect example of how the fashion houses bring innovations into their visual concept without being too edgy and too much. Knowing that Alberta Ferretti has that "trendsetters-worthy" style, this collection manifests how the changes can be done without losing the trademark and the statement design but still successfully not go into the style rut! The only thing what us as the fashion fans interests will this new spin on the Ferretti style be present in the future collections or will it stay just within the limits of this one. Well, we will have to wait for Ready To Wear launch in September to see that! Thank you for the attention! Georgia! xo Photo courtesy: Alberta Ferretti

flared midi dress
drawstring dress
vestido sin tiras
vestido acampanado
vestido largo con vuelo
vestido con capa
vestido con capa
vestido estampado
vestido de fiesta largo
bust lace detailing long dress
vestido con estampado floral
floral print maxi dress
cowl neck slip gown
vestido largo de seda
vestido drapeado
printed cold shoulder silk dress
vestido con estampado tropical
vestido de noche
long flared dress
long flared halter-neck dress
flared midi dress
sheer layer dress
vestido con estampado jacquard
checked shirt dress
embroidered flared dress
embroidered flared dress
multi print shirt dress
v-neck flared dress
sheer layered dress
shimmery racerback dress
a-line dress
vestido acampanado con estampado
sheer balloon sleeve mini dress
shimmery racerback dress
draped V-neck dress
v-neck maxi dress
draped asymmetric sleeves dress
short sequined dress
long camisole dress
vestido recto
long draped dress
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