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McCalls 7597 V-Neck complete!

Wow – you’d think I’d hem those jeans! But I have an excuse (of course). I’m not wearing shoes! Best news – my laptop power cord arrived, and it works! Ahhh. While waiting, I spent hours and hours working on my v-neck version of the M7597 caftan. The pattern has a high neckline, something I seldom wear. But I love everything else about it – the bib, gathers, back, silhouette, sleeves… My first v-neck muslin was OK, but the I was not happy with the fit of the neckline. It was a little low (an easy fix), and it wanted to gap on the sides (not so easy). I’m really careful with bias-cut edges – staystitching, direction of stitching, and so on. So I knew I needed to do a little work and research. I remembered that Jen/Grainline Studio had shared a v-neck variation for her Alder shirtdress, so I took a look. Bingo! I needed to add a bit of concave curve to the v-neck. From her tutorial (here): Such a difference: Fabric: white-on-white cotton print, JoAnns   This tunic style is one of my favorites for jeans, especially in a crisp white fabric. So ’70s! but feels like home to me…   Now that I’ve conquered the neckline, redrafted the facings, and updated my pattern tissue, I’m looking forward to a maxi dress. I purchased this gorgeous challis from Cali Fabrics several weeks ago – the colors are so rich and exuberant. And it’s definitely destined to be a caftan, it’s just a matter of deciding which pattern to use, this one or the Closet Case Charlie. Parting shot: this little Southern Chorus frog (Pseudacris nigrita) has been keeping me company on the porch for weeks. He has a sweet little trilling call and spends his time in my plants. For perspective, he is sitting in a 4″ pot and is less than 1″ long. Cute thing… Ciao! Coco Filed under: McCalls, Tops

Bib Front Dress
Scalloped Bib Neck Skater Dress
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Floral Ruffle Bib Neck Bodycon Dress
Floral Ruffle Bib Neck Bodycon Dress
Scalloped Bib Neck Skater Dress
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