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The perfect makeup for the 5 hot colors of Fall Winter 2017-2018

Let’s be honest: even for total makeup experts, it is still not so easy to choose a color that works with our skin tone, our hair, and most of all, with our favorite clothing. We decided to ask Manuele Mameli, our favorite makeup expert, and he shared all the secrets you will need to create the perfect makeup to match the five hot colors of Fall Winter 2017-2018. RED. Blonde girls with fair skin will have a very easy time looking good in red, both during the day and on a night out. Choose a coral-colored lipstick for the day, and focus on your eyes in the evening. If you have dark hair, and olive or dark skin, Manuele recommends not getting carried away with makeup: choose to glow instead, thanks to an illuminating foundation that won’t modify your skin tone too much. Also make sure to take care of any flaws or dark circles, because red lips will bring them out even more. As a final touch, apply some golden eyeshadow, and lightly color your lips. Applying mascara very liberally will be your secret weapon: this will make your gaze very intense despite your soft makeup. CAMEL. Since this color is very delicate, both blondes and brunettes can get daring with more creative makeup, by adding depth to their face: try it with blue eyeshadow, or colored, more original lipstick in a bright color. SILVER. This is definitely a color that will grab everyone’s attention, so make sure you avoid any overly sheer or metallic colors for your makeup: your clothes will be enough! Go for smokey eyes instead, not necessarily in black, but definitely in a matte shade. ORANGE. Brunettes can play with all amber tones, leaving their lips pretty natural, or choosing lipstick or glosses in pink or peach tones, to bring out their smile. Blondes should choose brown and bronze tones. BLUE. Whenever we wear a blue dress for a night out, we end up choosing smokey eyes or red lipstick. These can also work together, as long as you don’t overdo them. Both during the day and on a night out, girls with blue eyes can get creative with colors like metallic grey which will work wonderfully for their eye color — the contrast will make your blue eyes look even bluer. If you have brown or black eyes, go for plum… It will make your eyes shine!

Blue Ruffled Dress
Blue Polygon Dress
Blue Asymmetric Shirt Dress
Blue Underpinnings Turtleneck Dress
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Alia Dress in Blue Plaid
Petite blue wrap dress
Blue denim pinafore dress
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Blue 'La Robe Beauduc' Dress
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