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Some New Favorites, In Different Outfits

Today’s post is pretty short and sweet. The outfits are made up of pieces you’ve seen before…some are old favorites (the jeans) and some are new pieces I love (the tops)….but today I’m showing them to you in new combinations. The first time I showed you this striped sweater, it was with grey skinny jeans, a non-fitted denim jacket, and over the knee boots! Click HERE to see the post with the first outfit. Today I’m pairing it with my pajama jeans and booties! I think the sweater looks just as great with regular ol’ blue jeans as it does with grey jeans. (Pay attention to the pic on the right, you don’t want to miss the sweet photobomber.) For size reference, I’m wearing a small in the sweater and a 27 in the jeans (both true to size). striped sweater/pajama jeans / click HERE and type in “Dalilah” for necklace/ earrings / booties ON SALE Get The Look For Yourself Here: You saw this next outfit in a flat lay a couple of weeks ago, and today I’ve got it on! The sweater sold out at Nordstrom immediately, but it’s NOW IN STOCK at J Crew! And GREAT NEWS! It’s ON SALE!!!! The button detail at the neck is DARLING, and I’ve always loved a great boat neck. The fit of the sweater is definitely swingy and oversized, but it’s not sloppy at all. It’s a classic sweater, with a twist! For size reference, I have the small/medium. It’s comes in navy too! When I was telling Shay about this sweater one day, she showed me a picture of her trying it on, and she had it buttoned differently and was wearing it as a one shoulder top. It was such a cute look (that I would have never thought of!), so I will wear it that way next time! #shaytoldmeto When I do that, I will definitely be wearing this strapless bra. #becauseitsthebest button boat neck sweater / earrings / pajama jeans / booties ON SALE Get The Look For Yourself Here: And here I’ve remixed it with my grey jeans and OTK boots. If I haven’t convinced you that you need grey jeans yet, then I feel I’ve failed you. Because you do need them. #promise button boat neck sweater /earrings / similar grey jeans HERE and similar distressed grey jeans HERE / wedge over the knee boots in “mushroom” Get The Look For Yourself Here: And you’ve seen this black crepe dress (check out the FANTASTIC online reviews) before styled with just a pendant necklace and booties (click HERE to see it styled simply). I wore it to church last week with my denim jacket and a simple necklace. I’m telling you, this is an all purpose dress. I think it would look just as great styled with heels and some dressy jewelry as it would with some fancy sneakers and a denim jacket. In case you missed it the first time I highlighted it, here’s what I had to say: THIS DRESS is $46. AND IT’S AWESOME. I’m a big fan of a shift dress. They almost always flatter me, and I think they are actually universally flattering for all body types. On this particular dress I like the neckline, the sleeve length, the overall cut and fit, and I love that it comes in so many colors to choose from! It can be dressed up or down, and would look great with just about any type of footwear. It says a medium is a 7-9, so I got a medium. (I don’t think I’ve ever been a 3-5 in a dress.) I definitely needed a medium in the chest, or else I’m afraid it would have pulled. I would have preferred a small for a bit more of a fitted look throughout the body, and I would also prefer the length to be a bit shorter….but I’m still keeping it. #becauseitsawesome When we got home from church, I opened an Accessory Concierge package that I received the day before (but hadn’t opened yet)…and it had 3 amazing necklaces in it! I immediately gravitated towards this one and slipped it on with my outfit. SO FLIPPING CUTE. I thought it added a fun little edge to the outfit! And awesome news: For the next 48 hours, you can use the code STMTfreeship for free shipping on this necklace or anything else you want to get from A.C.! black crepe dress / animal print tassel necklace c.o. Accessory Concierge/ MUST HAVE denim jacket / booties ON SALE Get The Look For Yourself Here: The other two necklaces in the package are seen below. I MEAN. LOVE. If you haven’t checked out their entire line of necklaces lately, you might want to take a second to hop over there and do so. Their pieces are incredibly unique and are often times what I call “outfit makers”!!! Remember to use the STMTfreeship code! jungle love tassel necklace / silver simba tassel necklace / cat scratch fever tassel necklace(This is the necklace I’m wearing above.) Some SALE ALERTS before you go… This sweater is long and oversized, and seems to me it would be great for skinny jeans AND EVEN LEGGINGS! Looks to me like it will cover your crotchal area. It also comes in cream and black, and the online reviews are great! This ruffle sleeve t shirt is 40% OFF too. YES, PLEASE. Lots of stuff is actually 40% OFF at J Crew, including this camo utility shirt and this wrap front sweatshirt that are also 40% OFF! I know many of you are huge fans of Vigoss Jagger jeans. Well, this pair is ON SALE! These slip on sneakers from UGG caught my eye, probably because I’m wearing the absolute heck out of my blush Nike’s I got during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I love the color below, but the UGG sneaks also come in grey and cream. Actually, a really cute outfit would be the grey sweater from above, the Vigoss jeans from above, and these sneakers! (And in other footwear sale news, even though I haven’t jumped on the mule bandwagon quite yet, I do think THESE are cute too, and they are also on sale.) That’s it for now y’all! Have a great Wednesday! The post Some New Favorites, In Different Outfits appeared first on Sheaffer Told Me To.

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