Bodice dresses

Like a Bodice on Earth Sequin Dress
Grey Sleeveless Basic Sweatshirt Dress
Black Sleeveless Basic Sweatshirt Dress
Lace Bodice Cocktail Dress
Ribbed Bodice Midi Dress
Dress with Lace Bodice
Highlands Wrap Dress part two…

Well, this really didn’t take me long. After my struggle with the neckline on the Highlands Wrap Dress (here), I looked everywhere for a wrap dress pattern that would suit me. But nothing I found had the design elements that drew me to Allie’s pattern in the first place. It’s so pretty, balanced, and interesting! So I knuckled down and read some articles on adjusting the neckline on a wrap dress. I found an article on Craftsy that made so much sense to me that I retrieved my crumpled pattern, apologized to it, and went to work. Following the Craftsy guide, I took a generous dart in the center of the neckline and smoothed it out to the opposite side seam. Here’s my ‘new bodice’ (I also dropped the bust dart), and a new one-piece front facing. That bust dart was a bit of a trial. My girls are small and no longer perky, so I dropped the dart again during fitting. I also narrowed it and angled it up a bit toward the apex. I really made only one other change. I decided to add 1 1/4″ to the length of the button/snap tabs. This was arbitrary, but I thought it made sense to allow for additional ease given the new neckline. And I really like the longer tab. Fabric: Kaufman Blush Brussels Washer linen, Happy dress!! Ciao – Coco    

Stefoni Lace Bodice Pleated Dress
Sheer Upper Bodice Dress
Bow Bodice Long Dress
Shaped Bodice Dress
Grommet Bodice Sleeveless Dress
Pleated Bodice Maxi Dress
Beaded Bodice Dress
Embellished Empire Bodice Dress
fitted bodice dress
fitted lace bodice dress
crocheted bodice dress
shaped bodice dress
Basic Dress
Plus Lace Bodice Maxi Dress
Asymmetrical Cold Shoulder Bodice Dress
Cinched Bodice Cotton Maxi Dress
Seamed Bodice Sheath Dress
Embroidered Bodice Sheath Dress
Pleated-Bodice Satin Strapless Dress
Pleated emb bodice dress
Blue lace bodice dress
Lycra Bodice Dress
Fitted Bodice Dress
Crochet Bodice Dress
Sequin Bodice Dress
Lace Bodice Dress
Jaquard Bodice Dress
Sequin Bodice Dress
Bodice Tie Dress
Tessa Seamed Bodice Dress
Shibori Bodice Dress
Lace Bodice Dress
Eyelet Bodice Dress
Colorblock Bodice Dress
Babydoll Bodice Dress
Lace Bodice Dress
Embroidered Bodice Dress
Shear Bodice Dress
Lace Bodice Dress
Pleated Bodice Dress
Lace Bodice Dress
Navy Lace-Bodice Dress