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Under $50 Style: Date Night Body-Con Dress

This outfit was from a couple of weeks ago when Bryan and I got to sneak away for AN ACTUAL DATE. Granted it was at 4 pm but still. If it’s just B and me and there isn’t a high chair involved, THEN IT IS A DATE. Bonus points for us because we actually showered and got ready. It all just kind of fell into place, as we weren’t expecting a date night. Luckily I had this dress ready for me. I’d bought it on a whim and I wanted to wear this dress in more of a date situation and I got my chance. Dinner at 4 pm, home by 7 pm, just in time for bath time, snuggles and bedtime. If that’s not living your best life, I don’t know what is. Let me be honest — I am not into body-con dresses. Like at all, but for myself of course. I like them in general, not hating on this type of dress at all. But I am very… how shall I say this… I’m very baby-conscious for a body-conscious dress. Trying to suck in while walking or rather while just trying to live in general is something I was much better at in my 20s. But I loved the high neckline on his dress and the cutouts felt very scandalous* so I sized up on this dress and BOOM it was exactly how I want a body-con dress to fit. AKA not that tight at all. Sizing up gave me a little bit more room to breathe and I like the extra length as well. (More size info below! It fits TTS for a body-con dress. I’ve also listed to the right what I’m wearing underneath! If this is helpful, I’ll continue to do this!) You can find this under steal of a dress here! If you are looking for a dress that honestly works year round and can be dressed up or down, this one might be the one for you. The black or this pink shade would work for summer weddings or like us, a date night. It has an almost 5-star rating on Nordstrom, which is unreal! Side note: I did NOT realize when I picked it up in-store that there was a PINK option!! How dare I not pick the pink?? I would honestly buy it in pink as well, but I’m going to have to find a wedding to crash. *Fun fact: Those are actually my high waist Spanx sticking out through the cutouts NOT my skin. If that doesn’t make you giggle a little, then I don’t know if anything will. Can I do sexy or what? The post Under $50 Style: Date Night Body-Con Dress appeared first on Kendi Everyday.

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