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All Black Everything for Black History Month

Wearing designer Kalisha Price of K. Rashaé Jacket & Skirt & Alexander Wang Booties Whoa this has to be the longest I’ve ever gone without posting for awhile. My apologies. I have bee knee deep in a very special project for Black History Month. If you follow me on Instagram @monroesteele you’ve already seen what’s happening. I wanted to highlight some amazing Black Fashion Designers and Black Owned Businesses all Black History Month. Nearly everyday of February, I am posting looks from black fashion designers and black owned business and including their contact information so my readers can support. It was and still is a very ambitious project but I am having so much fun. I am learning about what it really takes to own a business especially one in a creative niche field like fashion design. I’ve listened to the stories black businesses owners have told me; the trials and tribulations. How very hard it can be, especially when you don’t have enough support from the community. I encourage you all to support these designers and businesses in any way you can. That can be as simple as a follow on Instagram of Facebook, visiting their establishments, buying their products and attending their events. Anything to let them know they have a whole people behind them. AUTUMN ADEIGBO I first learned of Autumn through a good friend of my Diarrha N’Diaye, social media strategist at L’Oreal whom I interviewed for Fashion Steele NYC Magazine. Be sure to check out the magazine HERE. For her shoot she wore designer Autumn Adeigbo and I knew I had to include her in this project. Autumn is a graduate of Spelman College and the Parsons School of Design. Her eco friendly brand is made to order, thus reducing waste. She designs clothing for women who love to stand out from the crowd, who make educated purchases with compassion and embody sophistication of the heart. Follow along on Instagram @autumnadeigbo ROSE LAZARD OF DADOU STUDIOS & SAMANTHA SMIKLE OF TNEMNRODA EYEWEAR Rose Lazard has been my photographer for the past few years. She has an amazing eye for photography and also runs a well oiled photography business. In addition to that she started her own luxe camisole label Dadou Studios, where she hand makes beautiful silk tops with an emphasis on sustainable fashion that’s good for your skin. Follower along at @dadouchic & @dadoustudios. Samantha Smikle has made a huge splash and filled a void in the luxury eyewear industry. Her designs take influences from her colorful Caribbean background and are saturated with luxe refinement and fantastical spirit. If you’re looking for one of a kind statement eyewear, look no further than Tnemnroda and follow along @tnemnroda KALISHA PRICE OF K. RASHAE Kalisha Price had a knack for statement designs. K. RaShaé clothing empowers women to embrace their individuality, go after all their dreams, and know that they are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. Kalisha made her way to New York after accepting a scholarship to Parsons School of Design. She credits being laid off of one of her first jobs as the push she needed to gather the fashion connections she’d made over the years and start her own luxury clothing label. Her designs have been featured in Sports Illustrated and on the hit show television show “Star”. Follow along on Instagram @krashaé HELEN NURSE — TRACY CHAMBER VINTAGE Helen Nurse has always had a love for vintage fashion that she inherited from her grandmother. Her gorgeous and well curated vintage boutique is located in a stunning brownstone in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. Her boutique is named after Diana Ross’ character in the classic movie Mahogany and stepping into Tracy Chambers Vintage is like a walk in the closet of Ross herself. Follow along on instagram @tracychambersvintage MONIQUE ALVAREZ — LIFESTYLE STATEMENT Monique Alvarez has always had a foot in couture fashion. She’s worked with brands from Alexander MqQueen to Valentino for over 13 years. When it came time for a new chapter in her life, she opened Life Style Statement a luxury consignment and vintage boutique in Brooklyn. Her collection is extensive with vintage couture Moschino, Valentino, Louis Vuitton and more. She also has a wonderful eye for styling and knows just wait item in her well stocked boutique is the best for her customer. Follow along on instagram @lifestylestatement Thanks so much for all the support on Instagram about this project. Please make sure to check out these amazing Black Owned Businesses and Black Fashion Designers and support any way you can. Check back next week for another round of looks! xx Monroe SUBSCRIBE TO FASHION STEELE NYC Read Fashion Steele Magazine INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | FACEBOOK The post All Black Everything for Black History Month appeared first on Fashion Steele NYC.

vestido estilo camiseta con estampado Boutique
vestido estilo camiseta con estampado Boutique
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