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6 Tips For Beating The Heat This Summer

We’ve all been there: We step outside to [insert summer activity here], only to be slapped in the face with the inevitable heat and humidity that comes with our beloved rosé season. Is excess sweat, oil production, and smelling not so great natural? Maybe. Does it have to be that way? Absolutely not — at least not if we’ve got a say in it. So for the sake of not letting a little 90-degree weather stop us from said summer activity (like, say, hitting up the beach or that new rooftop bar with Insta-worthy frozé), we asked our fellow Refinery29 editors to share their go-to tricks on how they stay cool and feeling fresh. Think: stocking your vanity with fruit-infused Hint sunscreen that won’t feel greasy the moment you get to the cabana or filling your fridge with ooh, ahh- inducing face masks. Take note, ladies. You and your sweaty glowy selves deserve it. "Nothing’s better than washing your face with cold water after a day in the sun. Except following up with a refrigerated sheet mask. (I keep a few propped up beside my iced tea pitcher all summer long, to my guests’ dismay.) As you might imagine, the chilled serum is super refreshing — but also it helps hydrate parched skin and soothe any irritation from saltwater, chlorine, or the sun." —Cate Seiser, Senior Content Editor "A spritz of a summery floral fragrance in the morning won't do much when it's being overpowered by a super-strong-smelling sunscreen (I know you know what I'm talking about). Instead of fighting it, I always opt for an SPF that actually smells good — like Hint 's fruit-infused sunscreen in scents of grapefruit, pineapple, and pear. They seriously smell delicious (is that weird to say?). A little goes a long way, and it keeps me feeling fresh all season long — even on the hottest of days." —Jen Anderson, Lifestyle Writer Hint, $14.99, available at Target "I'm fine wearing synthetic clothing in most seasons, but as soon as Memorial Day hits, I refuse! Now, it's cottons and linens all the way — preferably in the form of flowy caftans, wide-legged jumpsuits, or A-line dresses." —Claire Fontanetta, Senior Beauty Editor "I live and die by blotting papers in the summer. It's inevitable that I'm going to sweat (especially in the unforgiving NYC subway), and while the sweat is super annoying, the oil left on my skin is much, much worse. I recommend keeping a pack of blotting papers in your bag, so you can easily press away the excess shine throughout the day." —Anissa Richmond, Branded Video Producer "I always brush a non-talc, corn-starch-based powder into the soles of my shoes on those extra-humid days when I don't want to give up my super cute (but slightly constricting) kicks. The powder helps absorb sweat and humidity, which is kind of game changing because — let's be real — no one wants sweaty feet." —Isabella Alesci, Associate Photo Editor "My hair is long, wavy, and very, very thick. It might sound simple and straightforward, but I always keep a scrunchie or hair tie around my wrist or in my bag. When I'm feeling hot, I'll just pull up my hair in an easy topknot or bun. It keeps me cool and breezy all summer long." —Lauren Petty, Associate Director, Production Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here? What Is The NFL Players Association Really Doing To Prevent Domestic Violence? I Hate Mixing My Friend Groups, And I Refuse To Feel Guilty About It Here's Your Pride Month Calendar

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