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Happy Tuesday, friends! Yesterday I spent the morning swapping out my closet for the fall and winter seasons! I decided to move all of my super summery dresses over to the guest bedroom closet (where my coats were hanging and boots were stored), and transfer my summery sandals and bags to be hidden in the back part of my own closet. In place of all my summery dresses, I have several of my favorite neutral coats, fall/winter dresses and boots displayed! I also moved my skirts and shorts to a section past my pants and leggings to make room for all of my sweaters. It’s nice to have the items I’ll be reaching for most on display and readily available! I took this time to also rid my closet of random items I’ve been meaning to donate, wire hangers and plastic bags from the dry cleaners, etc. It feels great to get organized and also have my closet look more seasonally appropriate! As I moved all the items into their correct place, I noticed a couple things missing from my fall/winter wardrobe that I’d like to add at some point. Whether I do that this season or seasons to come, who knows! Just making a good old wish list with these wardrobe necessities: As far as shoes go, I have a very good selection to choose from this season. From comfy + cute mules, to sleek knee-high boots and casual ankle boots, it seems I have nearly everything I need! I still have two pairs of black over-the-knee boots from the last couple years (this pair and similar to this pair), but I’ve decided I’d like to snag a pair of pointy toe black boots too. There’s just something infinitely dressier about a pointy-toe style, don’t you think? One thing I’m hoping to score this season (as in ASAP), is a simple black cami dress. I bought this velvet one already, but I’m really looking for a very basic, easy to dress up or down style I can wear for a variety of occasions. I have so many great blazers and jackets for fall/winter that would look especially nice when paired with a black cami dress. I just ordered a bunch of options on Nordstrom, so hopefully one of those works out! I’ll report back… It seems that over the last few years I haven’t purchased that many casual fall/winter dresses. For some reason I guess I always rely on jeans, but lately I’ve been reaching for dresses more and more. Dresses take the guesswork out of getting dressed and styling, so it’s always nice to have a few reliable styles on hand! As you may have seen, I have several summer dresses that have been repeat offenders on the weekends and nights out – I need to have similar options for the coming season, don’t you agree? I ordered this one and LOVE it! So flattering. I also ordered some dresses and other items from LOFT – they have some great fall florals at the moment! As much as I want a Mark Cross bag, I’m still torn over whether to just bite the bullet and buy one or wait for something better to come along. I’m still eager to find the perfect nude tote, and now I’d also like to add a bag to my wardrobe in a stone grey color. Just needing those neutrals over here! In the meantime, I did find the most adorable little statement bag for the season (and for under $300)! What do you guys have on your list of things you need or want for fall/winter? Tell me in the comments below! The post tory burch gemeni link snakeskin shoulder bag appeared first on The Style Scribe.

Gold Sequin Cami Dress
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Summer Girl Cami Dress
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Essential Frippy Mini Cami Dress
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diagonal cami dress
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