Crochet Fringe Dress

Crochet Fringe Dress

Brand: Entro
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    Solid crinkle rayon dress featuring crochet lace with fringe applique on yoke. Fully lined, light weight, and super cute! Dress it up or dress it down.

    Measures: 25" underarm to hem; 32" shoulder to hem

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    I love fringe! Love the way it adds texture and dimension to outfits, but also how absolutely twirl-worthy, playful, and fun it is! Though personally, I feel that fringe never really goes out of style, this year in particular, it’s having quite a moment, making appearances on all things imaginable from coats, jackets, jeans, and dresses to accessories, like shoes and bags to name a few! The pretty in pink fringe number I’m wearing today is my newest find and biggest obsession at the moment. Love the way this dress moves, loves the color ( not quite pink, not entirely lavender, but something in the middle ) and of course the cut, which tends to bring this dress to life with every step I take. Though I have worn it with metallic strappy sandals and a clutch, lately I’ve been on a huge white booties kick, so for today’s look I chose to pair it with these pointy-toe lovelies I wear with pretty much everything these days. Like the way they tend to downplay the girliness of this dress but also, the way white makes this outfit feel “very spring”! What about you guys, how do you feel about fringe?

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