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Black Boxy Day Dress
eyelet laced T-shirt dress
lace trim slip dres
vestido con botones y cuello en V
10 spring day dresses you'll love!

I'm slowly integrating more and more dresses into my closet and I have realized that to do this I need to find one type of specific dress.  The 'day dress.'  What's exactly is a 'day dress' you may ask? In my opinion, a day dress is a casual dress that fits a few criteria.  It has to be wearable for everyday activities like errands and hanging out with my kids.  The fabric has to be easy enough to maintain that if a stain were to occur it wouldn't ruin the dress (think machine washable or easily spot cleaned). It has to pair well with easy shoes like casual sandals, flip flops or even sneakers.  And lastly a day dress has to stand up to an outside layer easily like a blazer, denim jacket or scarf. What it comes down to is that a 'day dress' has to be super comfortable and super versatile. Casual is the key!  The funny thing is, as versatile as a 'day dress' can be, they can also be very hard to find when shopping! Am I the only one who has trouble finding these casual every day dresses? If so, you are not alone! So I searched the internet for some awesome options this spring... the weather is warming and I can't wait to swap my jeans and sweaters for a few of these easy and fun dresses. top row: striped t-shirt dress (love the pockets!), white cotton trapeze dress (on my wishlist!), navy tank dress, 3/4 sleeve chambray dress (love this one!), gingham shirt dress bottom row: grey tank dress, white embroidered dress (sooo cute!), army green dress (other colors available!), chambray embroidered shift dress, red striped dress (so classic!) JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

vestido suelto acampanado
vestido estilo caftán con estampado Fun Fair
vestido a rayas con motivo de rosas
V-Neck Rosina Crepe Easy Day Dress
Ruffled Cotton Day Dress
Ruffled Cotton Day Dress
Stripe Knit Day Dress
vestido camisero Majolica estampado
vestido recto con estampado de rosas
Popflower print shift dress
vestido de campana con lazo en el cuello
Bonded Windowpane Short-Sleeve Day Dress
vestido acampanado
vestido con ribete de volantes
vestido asimétrico
vestido con bordado floral
vestido midi Paradise
vestido con ribete de lentejuelas
vestido con lazada en el cuello
vestido con cuello con lazo
vestido asimétrico
vestido con motivo de gato
vestido con cinturón y cuello en V
vestido con ribetes de volantes
vestido con ribetes de volantes
vestido fruncido con estampado de rosas
vestido estampado
vestido con estampado floral y logo
pichi con cuello en V
combinación de encaje
vestido con ribete de volantes
vestido asimétrico con lazo
vestido camisero de popelina
vestido con motivo floral
vestido tubo con apliques
vestido con paneles de encaje
vestido de punto con lentejuelas
vestido con flecos
vestido con botones y cuello de pelo
vestido acampanado con pechera
vestido con apliques de perlas artificiales