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Indigo Asymmetric Denim Dress
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Black and White

    Do you ever buy that one thing and honestly, it just surprises the hell out of you? I had no idea I wanted a black mini skirt but as it turns out, I most certainly do. Denim skirts, in general, are coming back with a vengeance this spring. I don’t mind a denim skirt but I don’t want to feel dowdy in one. I grew up in the denim skirt in every form generation — long, short, kind of long short, with a denim ruffle, a denim dress. Dark rinse, light rinse — you name it, we had it. (I say we because my mom, sister and I shared a closet for many years.) So needless to say, just like 90s wind suits, denim skirts are never at the top of my list which is why it surprised me that I was so drawn to this black mini skirt. But I love a skirt in the spring and this one is mini without being mini — does that make sense? It isn’t too short and I could easily wear with heels and flats. It runs true to size with a little bit of that good stretch. You can find this skirt here! Have you noticed my full and undying devotion to Madewell lately? Ha. Yes, you guessed it — this top is Madewell and gosh darn it I’m obsessed with it. It’s springy, flowy and it has pom-pom ties in the back. Can’t you just hear me saying to Bryan ‘get the pom-poms, Bryan!! THE POM POMS, BRYAN.” while we photographed this outfit? Yeah, you can, because I did. True story because I’m bossy like that. You can find this top from Nordstrom here or Madewell here! The post Black and White appeared first on Kendi Everyday.

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Indigo Denim Dress
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