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Dior Capture Youth | Shanghai

Heading to Shanghai for the first time ever with Dior truly was a dream come true! After all the great adventures I had with Dior Make-Up In 2017 (‚Poison Girl‘ in NY, ‚Miss Dior for Love‘ in South France and my first Dior show in Paris), I couldn’t wait to continue this exciting journey! This time Dior invited some bloggers and journalists from around the world to learn all about the new ‚Capture Youth‘ by Dior. Even though I’ve been to Asia so many times and have also visited Hongkong twice, Shanghai totally fascinated me! The city was just so different and the moment I first got out of the taxi in the Yu garden area I couldn’t stop but stare! The red Chinese lanterns, the scent of an exciting cuisine, the beautiful temples… The first glimpse totally got me and I could wait to explore this vibrant yet traditional city with Dior. Our program started with a traditional tea ceremony in which we learned how to fully appreciate tea. We tried some green and black tea and I even learned how to hold and drink my tea properly. Afterwards it was time for my first Tai Chi lesson. Dior surprised us with a ‚Capture Youth‘ sport outfit and together we had our first Tai Chi class! It was so much fun and also a good way to feel reconnected with the body after the long flight. Afterwards, I was super hungry and excited to lunch at a cute restaurant which is called ‚Xixi Bistro‘ and is part of the popular ‚Xintiandi‘. Even though the day had already been so eventful there was even more to come. I changed into my evening dress at the hotel to get ready for a cocktail event at ‚Bar Rouge‘ which is part of ‚The Bund‚ and offered cool Shanghai skyline views. Last but not least we had dinner at ‚Hakkasan‚ and I tried vegetarian dumplings for the first time and was so thankful for all the experiences and the amazing atmosphere created by the Dior Makeup team! The next day we had some spare time before the big ‚Capture Youth‘ cocktail and we did lots of sightseeing! What I loved most was the beautiful ‚Yu Garden‘ and the whole area around it and the old ‚Tianzifang‘ with all its cute, small streets and fun shops. I found beautiful souvenirs and tried some food I had never had before! And then it was finally time for the big evening: the Dior Capture Youth cocktail to celebrate the new Capture Youth series. A makeup artist did my makeup for the event and I was excited like a kid to wear a head to toe Dior look with a stunning golden dress, embellished clutch and some beautiful accessories. I chose the outfit during a fitting I had with Dior Paris during the Lip Glow event and it was such an honor to wear all these amazing pieces for this special evening with Dior. The theme of the night was ‚The time is now‘, displaying the whole Dior Capture Youth range and the face of the campaign, Cara Delevingne! When we ended the evening with a light dinner (truffle fries ;P) at the Park Hyatt restaurant on the 91st floor, I honestly felt like pinching myself because the whole time in Shanghai with Dior Make Up was so special! On our last morning Alex and I had some spare time and I was excited to finally take some extra time to try the Capture Youth series. Capture Youth is the new age-defying routine that acts now in order to maintain the skin’s youthful reserves, while delaying signs of ageing even before they appear. The antioxidant creme comes with 5 serums to address various skin needs: The Plump Filler, the Glow Booster, the Matte Maximizer, the Lift Sculptor & the Redness Soother. I love that the line does not only cater to different needs by providing five different serums, but I also love the idea of further personalisation by different ways of using the product: 1. Layering: Applying the serum and afterwards the creme. 2. Mix & Match: Directly mixing 2 to 3 drops of the serum into the creme. 3. Intense program: Apply a serum to the creme everyday when your skin is particularly stressed out! I’ll definitely keep you posted about the results of using Dior Capture Youth and you can find all information about the new product line: here. I hope you like the impressions. Thank you Dior and especially Christina for this unforgettable time in this amazing city – Shanghai truly made an impression! xx Leonie – TEA CEREMONY – Lift Sculptor – TAI CHI LESSON –Tai Chi break with Chriselle Lim – STARTING THE DAY WITH CAPTURE YOUTH – Age-delay Advanced Creme, the Lift Sculptor, the Redness Soother, the Glow Booster, The Plump Filler, the Matte Maximizer – EXPLORING SHANGHAI – – DIOR COCKTAIL AT BAR ROUGE – – GETTING READY WITH DIOR – – DIOR CAPTURE YOUTH BALL – *In cooperation with Dior Make-Up

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