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DIY Natural Bug Repellent

Last summer when I met with and interviewed Jenni Kayne at her place in Tahoe (still one of my fave CITNB features!!), her all-natural bug repellent (an essential oil mix) that she makes, randomly came up in conversation. I remember thinking wow what a super mom to make her own bug spray (why wouldn’t you just buy it?). Well here I am a summer later, making my own mix for Rex and our family too. I totally get it now, there’s just something really nice about knowing exactly what ingredients you’re putting on your family (and self). It’s actually the easiest thing to mix up… takes about five minutes, and makes me feel like I’m totally winning as a mom… that is, when I remember to put it on Rex. I went to our local Co-Op for the essential oils but you can find them online and Amazon as well. The mix Jenni Kayne makes sounds really lovely with rose oil… but I’ve been mixing a less expensive combination of lemon eucalyptus and lavender (honestly various combinations work, you can just choose what you prefer to smell like!)… but here’s what I’ve been using on Rex and myself this summer for our outdoorsy adventures or just around the backyard when mosquitos are out. Get ready to smell like a summery citronella candle. But I actually really like it! DIY Natural Bug Repellent | Lemon Eucalyptus + Lavender Essential Oils Add about 30 drops of each mixed with a half cup of water. Then just keep in a little spray bottle like this. PS: If you’re into candle-making Jenni Kayne also has a recipe that seems simple enough mixing bee wax and essential oils to create your own candle. Can you tell Rip & Tan is one of my very favorite lifestyle sites?

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