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 Sweater with Bow Back// JeansCable Bracelet// Cartier Tank Watch Similar Sapphire Ring// Similar Monogrammed Signet RingCopper Jars// Blue and White Lamp Baies Candle Shop the Look: I've said this before, but I'm not so into resolutions. My goal is to always try to be drinking more water, working out more/better, eating healthy, setting goals and completing them. But, if you're into resolutions, and one of them is to drink more water... or if you are just looking for something to spice up your water, enter citrus water. I know, groundbreaking, right? Well, hear me out. I've been dehydrated a few times in my life and it's not fun. I feel like I'm pretty good at hydrating, but I will say I kind of hate that I am always reaching for sparkling waters. They have become so trendy that there are just so many 'flavors' to choose from. I'm guilty of loving them and just can't give them up. While they're not necessarily 'bad' for me, I still need to get myself to drink regular flat water from time to time. So, after being in Arizona and picking fresh citrus, I got home and bought allllll the citrus and have been drinking it ever since. I wanted to share two tips with you that may not be as obvious. I am not a lemon-water kind of gal... to me, lemons are too tart or bitter tasting. I prefer lime but let me tell you, a navel orange squeezed into water is AMAZING. If you're like me and are not a fan of the bitter taste of lemon, I introduce you to Meyer lemons! I've heard of Meyer lemons in products or desserts and what not but had never personally seen one or tried a raw one. They had them at my local Trader Joe's and they are SO good. They're a bit sweeter and just don't have that 'edge' that lemons can have. After trying a few, I got curious and googled them. It's a cross between a lemon and a mandarin. If you sit a Meyer lemon next to a regular lemon, you'll see the skin is much smoother and has a deeper, golden color (they're 'prettier' than a regular lemon). Anyway, a Meyer lemon tastes amazing in hot water in the morning and then added with a mix of oranges and limes in both flat and sparkling water. It's also great for a cocktail, too! And my second tip... I see a lot of those containers that you can buy and make a big batch of 'spa water'. But, for citrus water, I suggest making it in-the-moment by the glass. This is because I find that if the rinds 'marinate' in the water for too long, you get a sour, unpleasant taste. I think if you wanted to make it in a big batch, you'd want to get rid of the skins first! So those are my little tips! Do you drink fruit water?! Do you have a favorite combo I should try? Let me know!

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