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A Definitive Ranking of Black-Tie Dresses I Want

When an invite comes in the mail and the fine print reads black tie, it always gives me pause. Truth be told, I often find dressing up a bit, well, boring. I can't say that I own many fancy dresses, so I wear one of the three simple, sweeping maxi dresses gathering dust in the back of my closet. Don't get me wrong, dressing up is fun, but sometimes the formality of a buttoned-up dress code up can keep me away from styles that fit my full-on personality. But with a goal set to embrace unique black-tie dresses (and prove that yes, they do exist), I decided to do a little online sleuthing (and by that I mean shopping). After getting down to business, I rounded up my favorite unique black-tie dresses and decided to rank them all in order of, well, "uniqueness." From simple with a small twist to a major statement dress, I found a style that fits the bill. That way, no matter how bold you're willing to go (aka will grandparents be attending?), you'll have an option available. Showing up to the function in this lace gown will ensure you look like one of a kind. Sizing information is coming soon. Ombré sequins have never looked so chic. Available in sizes 10 to 24. Say hello to spring in this flowery formal dress. Available in sizes 14 to 18. Let your inner flower child come through in this dressy gown. Available in sizes IT36 to IT46. Elegant, simple, and chic. Available in sizes FR34 to FR44. Nothing says glamour like some sparkle. Available in sizes 12 to 24. Shake things up with a pop of color. Available in sizes 0 to 8. Ruffles add the bold factor to this evening dress. Available in sizes FR34 to FR42. Perfect for dressing up or down, this sweet summer dress will become your new favorite. Available in sizes XS to 3X. Quite literally, this dress is suited for black tie. Available in sizes 2 to 10. Go for a statement with your print instead. Available in sizes UK6 to UK8. Make your ordinary slip dress a little something special by opting for a colorful print. Available in sizes S to L. This dress will become your new go-to. Available in sizes X to 4X. This ruched gown is perfect for a spring soirée. Available in sizes FR36 to FR42. For all brave souls, this daring black-tie dress will have the whole party talking. Available in sizes XS to S. When in doubt, put a bow on it. Available in sizes 0 to 10. Why not go all out with this bold number? Available in sizes XS to L. Now you're ready for your next black-tie event.

Formal Sequin Gown
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Serena Beaded Tulip Formal Evening Gown
Jackie OTS Dress
Sweet Ball Gown
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Strappy Embellished Gown
Tiffany Blue Gown
Starry Print Halter Vintage Dress - Sea Blue 2xl
Starry Print Halter Vintage Dress - Sea Blue Xl
Lace Empire Gown
Lacy Off Shoulder Party Dress - White M
Perry Red Formal
Floral Embroidered Gown
Long Beaded Evening Dress
Layered Floor-Length Gown
Colorblocked Strapless Long Gown
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Monochrome Evening Gown
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Hali Knit Evening Gown
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V-Neck Bell Gown
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Beaded Shoulder Chiffon
Starry Print Halter Vintage Dress - Sea Blue M