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Streamline Wardrobe Decisions with these 3 Simple Shifts

Think about all the time and energy we spend deciding what to wear. We spend time in the morning (or the night before) deciding on what’s best for the day, often sifting through item by item thinking about what fits well or not, and what looks good or not. We may think about how we spent too much on some things, and never wear others. We spend our mental energy during the day wondering if we chose the right clothes, comparing to what others are wearing or worrying about what other people think about what we are wearing. And sometimes we think about our wardrobe when we get emails with special offers, or noticing trend alerts while flipping through a magazine or scrolling through social media. It’s different for each of us, but other triggers to think about our clothes include changing seasons, moods, and upcoming events. Whatever our different triggers and thoughts are, I’m sure we can all agree that we spend too much time thinking about what we wear. Streamline wardrobe decisions with these 3 simple shifts 1. Dress with less. Limit your decision-making with fewer choices. Store or donate items that don’t fit your body or your lifestyle and only choose from your favorites each day. If you need help with closet chaos, try finally cleaning out your closet for good. 2. Create uniforms. Eliminate decisions by creating uniforms. For instance, wear the same outfit when you travel. Choose one or two looks for date night, community meetings or other repeat events and occasions. For example, I wear a t-shirt, leggings, sweater and scarf when I travel and I wore the same black dress to every formal event for years saving a bunch of time, money and energy. 3. Shift your focus. Notice your thoughts around what you wear. Shift your focus when you think any of the following: I have nothing to wear. I’m bored with my wardrobe. I deserve something new. Everyone will notice I’m wearing this again. Instead remind yourself that you have enough and that you have more important things to focus on, Remember that shopping for new clothes won’t cure boredom (curiosity does that), that you deserve way more than something new to wear AND no one cares what you wearing. These 3 shifts will help you streamline wardrobe decisions so you can devote your time and attention to what really matters to you. P.S. A few quick reminders … I’m planning a Soulful Simplicity book tour for Jan/Feb 2018. If you live in any of the following cities, please vote for your city in this 3 question survey. Join A Simple Year, 12 months of guided simplicity to streamline all areas of your life. Hope to see you this Wednesday, October 11th in Des Moines, IA or November 16 in Boise, ID for the Tiny Wardrobe Tour. Tickets here. The post Streamline Wardrobe Decisions with these 3 Simple Shifts appeared first on Be More with Less.

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