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Dos And Don’ts For Summer Weddings

“How many weddings do you have this summer?” That’s the question that always seems to gets thrown around this time of year. With warmer temperatures and sunnier days ahead, it truly is a wonderful time to get hitched. While weddings are full of tradition, there are a lot of nuances these days when it comes to protocol and etiquette. Today I’m sharing my summer wedding dos and don’ts so that you can weather wedding season like a pro. I’d love to know your wedding dos and don’ts! Leave a comment below. 1. Do Wear Black Wearing black used to be a bit of a faux pas, but not anymore. As long as you aren't dressed like you are going to a funeral, a LBD is an incredibly chic option.       2. Don't Wear White While we all love a pretty LWD for summer, I think this goes without saying that it's never ok to wear white or cream to a wedding (unless the dress code says that it is acceptable). Wearing a dress with a little white is ok, but if you really have to question if it's appropriate, be safe and find something else to wear.    3. Do Double Check The Dress Code Black Tie, Formal, Semi-Formal, Beach Formal, Cocktail, Casual - there are so many different variations of wedding attire these days. Always, double check to see what the dress code is - especially if it is not specified.  4. Don't Dress Too Casual Summer is the season of sundresses and sandals, but regardless of the dress code, do not go too casual. Always air on the side of caution and dress more formal.  Keepsake The Label This Love Midi Dress Shop Now 5. Do Take Photographs And Use Social Media... ...when there are hashtags specified! While this was typically frowned upon in the past, when a couple specifies a hashtag, that definitely means they want to see their guests having fun and tagging things on social media. They'll be excited to check out the photos with the hashtag the following day and see people and moments they might have missed. 6. Don't Get In The Photographer's Way The couple has paid a decent amount of money for a professional to come and take photos of the wedding. Stay out of the way, so they can get the shots they want. Your Instagram photo isn't that important. 14 Kaleos Sophie Buhai 6 by FAR 5 Cult Gaia 7. Do Keep Your Phone On Silent Keep your phone on silent the entire time - even after the ceremony. There's nothing worse than a phone going off during an important moment or speech - especially if your ring tone is a song in the realms of Cardi B. 8. Don't Be Glued To Your Phone During The Ceremony I'd recommend putting your phone away and not taking any pictures until after the first kiss, but regardless, do not be glued to your phone during the ceremony. You do not want the bride, groom or anyone in the bridal party see you starring at your phone and obsessing about how many likes your last Instagram got. 9. Do Go Off The Registry If there is something sentimental or special from a smaller/different store that you know that they will absolutely love, it can be ok to go off registry. Just be 100% sure they will love it, so that they don't have to deal with trying to return it - or giving it away. 10. Don't Ignore The Registry That being said, the couple made a wedding registry and included specific items on it for a reason. They are things they need and want. 11. Don't Show Up To The Wedding With A Large Gift Showing up to a wedding with a large gift is really just inconvenient for everybody. If it's larger than a card, send it. 12. Don't Assume You Can Bring A Guest If there is no second person or plus one mentioned on your invite, don't bring anyone. It's that simple. 13. Don't Bring Kids To The Reception Even if the bride and groom say it's ok to bring kids to the reception, it's generally not a good idea - even if they are well behaved. Whether they are sitting quietly with books and toys, crying, running around hopped up on cake or sleeping in the corner, it's best to leave them at home so your full attention is at the reception and celebrating the bride and groom. 14. Do Formally RSVP With social media and technology these days, it's easy to send a quick text, DM or mention in an email that you are available and coming to the wedding. That's all fine and good, but always make sure to properly respond to the RSVP that is sent. You never know if it's the groom's mother or some other party going through the RSVPs.

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