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Fashion Secrets :: Striped blazer & Denim shorts

Tweet Happy Monday everyone! I’m back home in NYC, but leaving to Florence in a few hours. It was great spending quality time with the kitties before we’re off again. They’re absolutely adorable! Super affectionate the moment we got in the door right up to the moment we had to leave again. I don’t think it’s much of a secret, but building an edited wardrobe requires time and a lot of patience. The reality of living in New York is that space is limited and my closet is very small. Every few months or so, I go through an intense cleansing period where I donate, give away, or sell a lot of my clothes and accessories. I honestly just don’t have the space and I get very anxious when I see clutter. One of my teachers said, a clutter house is a clutter mind. That stuck with me till now. Our apartment is very minimalistic with plenty of open spaces. It’s good for the cats and for the humans =) With that said, I’m keen on only adding true timeless pieces to my wardrobe. The trendy ones are fun and they make the cut sometimes, but the true classics stay in my closet forever. After an everlasting black blazer, the next one in line is a great striped blazer. After a classic white button-up, the next one is a striped button-up. Simple well-fitted shorts, the next are distressed shorts. And that’s my fashion secret. I build my wardrobe horizontally. I consider vertically as collecting more of one thing and horizontally as adding a few unique pieces to each category. For example, vertically – five very similar looking skinny jeans, five very similar looking flare jeans, 3 very similar looking boyfriend jeans, etc. Horizontally – one pair of light skinny jeans, one pair of dark skinny jeans, one pair of boyfriend jeans, etc. It’s probably why you see me with a lot of the same things throughout different blog posts and on Instagram. I just don’t have another item or pair of that same style. From the points above and in my humble opinion, these are true classics: a sharp striped blazer, a striped shirt, and distressed shorts. A pinstriped blazer is great with almost everything, a striped button-up is a forever classic, and distressed shorts are warm weather must-haves. I hope you enjoy today’s discussion and styling. As always, thank you so much for reading! :: Outfit :: T O P :: Les Coyotes De Paris striped blazer | T by Alexander Wang shirt (30% off) B O T T O M :: Levi’s shorts B A G :: Yuzefi box bag S H O E S :: Gianvito Rossi lace-up booties (85% off) A C C E S S O R I E S :: Karen Walker sunglasses | Alighieri coin necklace | Catbird locket necklace :: Location :: Soho | NYC The post Fashion Secrets :: Striped blazer & Denim shorts appeared first on Wendy's Lookbook.

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