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You may recognize these out-of-this-universe Emilio Pucci sneaker. They starred in my latest #PucciMonochromes campaign video, and I’m giving them a little comeback! They’re so good! I would never have thought a neon yellow pop would really compliment this red carpet dress from Manila Grace, but it just works. This is my after-party look. The red carpet dress paired with a shoe I can actually dance in. These past few weeks in NYC have been pretty insane. With spring in full swing, it seems like there is a gala or celebration just about every single night. Team Suarez has been having a blast with our nights out on the town. One of my personal favorites? Visiting a new hot spot in our neighborhood of Dumbo, Brooklyn: Soho House’s new Dumbo House. This exclusive new location to Soho House has been much anticipated for members around the city. It’s located right about the luxurious Cecconi’s restaurant and has stunning waterfront views of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. Think sparkling chandeliers and delicious cocktails in glasses that could immediately have been taken out from the 1920’s. With plush velvet chairs next to floor to ceiling windows, it reminded me a posh little nightclub in London. As the Brit’s would say “so lush.” Manila Grace gown Emilio Pucci sneakers

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