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Splurge a Little

 As the saying goes, “fashion fades, but style is eternal.”  I recently splurged on the classic Chanel slingbacks, and I absolutely love them. They are so practical and comfortable. I’ve seen them a few times, but they never caught my eye until last week while at the Chanel store. Asked for my size, and there I was, it was love at first sight.    Since I have been giving my heels a break these days, I thought these would be perfect. I love that I can style them with boyfriend jeans or a nice dress.    Speaking of jeans and dresses,  it’s exactly what I did with this look. Wearing a fun versatile tunic dress over jeans. I’m still obsessing over this trend! The tunic and cardigan are from Kyrzs Closet paired with  American Eagle denims.  Ever since my Cancer diagnose, I had promised to give myself “chemo gifts”. Living to the fullest has been my new motto I guess, but honestly each time chemo week is approaching it hits hard for me so I try to encourage myself by feeling good!  I finally finished my 5th round of chemo, and it does get easier on the body but mentally it’s still […]

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