Pastel dresses

Pink Pastel Tie Dye Satin Halterneck Dress
VALE - Summer dress - pastel green
Summer dress - pastel blue
Summer dress - pastel pink
Summer dress - pastel blue
This Color Will Be Everywhere in 4 Months

Olivia Lopez is the Los Angeles–based editor of Lust for Life, a creative outlet named after her favorite Iggy Pop song. Encompassing fashion, lifestyle, and travel, her blog has grown into a business that has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Condé Nast Traveler, Teen Vogue, and more. Below, Lopez is sharing her style tips. Lavender was all over the spring runways, and I'm predicting it will be everywhere once spring hits. But I'm not waiting until then to give the cool color a spin. Instead, I'm adding it to my wardrobe right now. In my opinion, the way to wear it is with a floor-sweeping dress for a holiday party. Opt for romantic silk pieces like a long and fitted dress for the perfect whimsical look. Pair your lavender items with accessories that accentuate your look while also making a statement. Keep scrolling to shop pieces inspired by my look. Try out this silk pastel dress that is simple and timeless. Available in sizes 38 to 42.Pair similar gold accessories to perfectly accent your pastel clothing.The strappy gold detailing on these shoes will surely make your legs stand out. Available in sizes 4.5 to 12. Which spring trends are you excited to try out now? Let me know in the comments below.

Summer dress - pastel grey
Pastel Dress
Pastel Dress
FLUENT GEORGE - Summer dress - pastel grey
FLUENT - Maxi dress - pastel pink
MYSTIC - Jersey dress - pastel pink
FLUENTU - Summer dress - pastel pink
NARBO - Maxi dress - pastel pink
Pastel Floral Dress
Pastel Bloom Dress
River Pastel Maxi Dress
Pastel Paisley Print Dress
Pastel Chambray Dress
Pastel Chiffon Dress
Pastel Shirt Dress
Geometric Pastel Dress
Pastel Pink Dress
Pastel Yellow Dress
Dress Pastel-Colour Gradient
Pastel Batik Dress
Pastel Blooms Dress
Pastel Blooms Dress
Pastel Blooms Dress
Pastel Tennis Dress
Pastel Blooms Dress
Pastel Blooms Dress
Pastel Blooms Dress
Pastel Curvy-Girl Dress
Ivory Pastel Floral Dress
Pastel Geometric Printed Dress
Pastel Tribal Dress
KALOLA - Summer dress - light/pastel blue
ZERO-A - Maxi dress - pastel yellow
FREE-A - Maxi dress - pastel pink
MARTI-A - Jersey dress - pastel pink
KONELLA - Summer dress - light pastel pink
DUDDY-A - Maxi dress - pastel green