Pattern Play Day Dress
Pattern Play Day Dress
Pattern Play Day Dress
Pattern Play Day Dress
Pattern Play Day Dress

Pattern Play Day Dress

Brand: En Creme
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    Charm is in the details with this perfectly wonderful day dress. Mixed-pieced printed fabrics, cutout trim, and an ultra flattering fit come together to make this your future favorite piece! Looks amazing with ankle boots or sandals, making it perfect for all seasons.

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    I am so excited to bring you my fall wardrobe checklist! As a Chicagoan, I pretty much have my cold weather wardrobe nailed down and today I wanted to share what I consider to be essential staples to any woman’s fall wardrobe. Obviously, not all of these items are completely necessary and everyone has their own personal style so make of it what you will. I find that fall is a time to get back to the basics and these items are pieces that would carry over year after year.  Every season I like to take a survey of my closet and this image would be perfect to print out and check off what you have and what you need! Or pin it to pinterest and save for later. I’ve given you options to shop these items based on your budget below:  Outerwear Classic Blazer: Splurge, Save, Steal Faux Fur Vest: Splurge, Save, Steal Sweater Coat: Splurge, Save, Steal Wool Coat: Splurge, Save, Steal Trench Coat: Splurge, Save, Steal Parka: Splurge, Save, Steal Tops White Blouse: Splurge, Save, Steal Layering Tees: Splurge, Save, Steal Chambray Shirt: Splurge, Save, Steal Plaid Shirt: Splurge, Save, Steal Silk Tank: Splurge, Save, Steal Striped Tee: Splurge, Save, Steal Sweaters Long Cardigan: Splurge, Save, Steal Short Cardigan: Splurge, Save, Steal Cable Knit: Splurge, Save, Steal Turtleneck: Splurge, Save, Steal Cashmere: Splurge, Save, Steal Bottoms Wool Skirt: Splurge, Save, Steal Midi Skirt: Splurge, Save, Steal Cropped Trousers: Splurge, Save, Steal Skinny Trousers: Splurge, Save, Steal Skinny Jeans: Splurge, Save, Steal Distressed Denim: Splurge, Save, Steal Dresses Black Dress: Splurge, Save, Steal Printed Day Dress: Splurge, Save, Steal Shirtdress: Splurge, Save, Steal Sweater Dress: Splurge, Save, Steal Cocktail Dress: Splurge, Save, Steal Accessories Fedora Hat: Splurge, Save, Steal Plaid Scarf: Splurge, Save, Steal Neutral Scarf: Splurge, Save, Steal Tote Bag: Splurge, Save, Steal Crossbody Bag: Splurge, Save, Steal Shoes Ballet Flats: Splurge, Save, Steal Loafers/Mules: Splurge, Save, Steal Leather Booties: Splurge, Save, Steal Tall Boots: Splurge, Save, Steal Casual Sneakers: Splurge, Save, Steal Classic Pumps: Splurge, Save, Steal Hunter Boots: Splurge, Save, Steal If you’d like to see more of these checklist posts please let me know in the comments! I have some fun ideas for the holidays that I think would be fun and we could make this a seasonal thing! xoxo

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