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Relaxed Fit Sweater Dress The perfect relaxed fit sweater dress from Madewell is ideal for dressing up or down in colder weather. The neutral color allows different accessories to be added for a pop of color to change the outfit. This fit doesn’t cling to the body giving your figure a flattering shape. That means you don’t have to wear Spanx with this, yes! The outfit can be worn on a night out with the girls or as a casual family dinner outfit. The high knee boots from Chinese Laundry are comfortable with a 1 3/4 inch heel allowing any desired amount of walking but can dress up any outfit. The faux suede fabric allows extra comfort and warmness in colder months to keep you stylish. The boots reaching over the knee allow a slimming affect to the legs allowing them to appear longer while the almond toe shape make the feet appear smaller. These hoop earrings from Audrey Allman designs add a flirty and original touch to the overall look. This relaxed fit sweater dress has a ribbed lining throughout the dress adding an extra dimension of texture and style. My hat is from last season, but I get so many comments on it and I’m linking a couple look a likes below. Liv’s sweater has an adorable touch with fur balls on it for a playful look. The whole look is from Zara Kids allowing it to be stylish yet affordable and a big WIN in my book. Don’t forget to check out their kids shoes, awe I love them! Check back tomorrow because I’m going to have the cutest personalized ornaments to share with y’all! Madewell | Skyscraper Sweater Dress | Chinese Laundry Black High Knee Boots | Hat Options Calvin Klein , Neiman Marcus , Amazon , Amazon | Earrings: Audrey Allman Designs | Liv’s Outfit- Zara Kids The post Relaxed Fit Sweater Dress appeared first on J Cathell.

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