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how to: master the camel coat

coat Michael Kors // sweater Michael Kors // pants Uniqlo // shoes Prada (similar here) // scarf Givenchy I’m going to let you guys in on a secret. The easiest way to look polished in Winter is to wear a fitted, classic topcoat. Ok, so this might not be the juiciest secret out there, but it does help for those mornings you wake up freezing and need to run out of the house.  A camel coat is perhaps one of the most classic and dapper pieces a man can add to his wardrobe. At once comfortable and refined, a men’s camel camel coat adds a touch of class to any look without being fussy. Especially in wool and preferably with a tailored fit, a camel coat truly is the perfect item to purchase for winter. Now to the good stuff, how to wear a camel coat? The good news is that adding a camel coat to your wardrobe is fairly simple. They’ve become pretty mainstream in the past few seasons, and you should be able to find one almost anywhere - from places like Zara (on sale!), all the way up to designer versions from Acne Studios or Prada. Whichever route you choose, I recommend choosing one in a wool or wool blend to keep warm while looking stylish; extra points if you go for a wool/cashmere mix! Ok, so now that I’ve rambled on about camel, how do you wear your camel coat? Well, as always I prefer to go for a simple, neutral look when it comes to camel. In fact, complimentary dark grays and even warmer camels or light tans and browns look great with the color. The key to the camel coat outfit is not to let the coat overpower you. Even when I wear a more oversized camel coat (like the one above from Michael Kors), you have to balance the look with complimenting pieces. Here, I chose a bit of a wider, looser-fitting pant to work with the oversized nature of this coat. On top, I chose a fitted sweater to balance the look and create some shape; finding where you can add some definition-enhancing pieces will help you avoid looking like a lump! A sleek Chelsea boot is the perfect shoe to complete the outfit. And that’s pretty much it! Keeping it simple is key, and something I stay pretty true to. But most importantly, whether or not you’re trying out this kind of coat for the first time, wear it with confidence. shop the post Follow

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