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Scoop Neck Midi Dress
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Spring 2018 Capsule Wardrobe

I finally did it—I created a seasonal capsule wardrobe that I’m actually sticking to and I’m loving it! Here’s the scoop on what I’m wearing this spring: Capsule Duration: April – June 2018 Spring Weather in San Diego: Cooler in the mornings and nights, usually in the 60s-70s and sunny during the day. May and June tend to be gloomy and a bit chilly, and summer really starts in July here in San Diego. The Backstory: It all started with a closet edit. I got serious about cultivating an ideal wardrobe 3.5 years ago after I had my son Jack. Since then, I’ve changed my lifestyle (I’m a mom and business owner!), developed a major Madewell addiction, and had another baby. After the holidays I suddenly looked at my closet and realized it had gotten OUT OF CONTROL. Sure, almost all of it was “good” stuff, but it was TOO MUCH and a lot of it wasn’t getting worn or bringing me joy. As the closet edit slowly moved along, I started using the Cladwell capsule app to log my outfits and it was so cool to see the items I was gravitating toward on a daily basis. In the back of my mind I knew those were my favorites, but seeing it physically on the screen really was so helpful and ultimately was what helped me finally decide to do a REAL capsule wardrobe! So I created a new capsule section with the app and in about 2 minutes I chose 30 items I LOVED and knew I wanted to wear over and over again this spring. Over the next several days, I added in 6 more items to round out the capsule and I’m feeling really good about my options. It’s been almost a month since I officially started the capsule and it’s so easy to get ready every morning! Oh, and one thing to note: I didn’t include any “date night” pieces in here and will just pull from my full closet for nights out with Brian, as a lot of my favorite date tops are dry clean only and just really not practical for daytime mom life, haha. The Breakdown: I ended up with 36 items total. Here is what’s in my spring capsule, along with links to items (or similar pieces) for any of you needing to fill out your wardrobe: Cardigan / Military Jacket / Sweater Blazers / Grey Sweatshirt (similar) / White Sweatshirt (similar) / High Low Tee / Peplum Button Up / Courier Shirt (TTS with intentional oversized fit) / Denim Button Up / Polka Dot Button Up / Stripe Button Up / Linen Button Up (oversized fit) / Crop Tees / Striped Longsleeve Tee / Ruffle Top / Sleeveless Peplum (similar) / Sleeveless Striped Top (similar) / Striped V-Neck Tank / Solid V-Neck Tanks / Denim Shirtdress / Striped Shirtdress (similar colored dress, striped shirtdress in different colors) / High Rise Straight Jeans / Dark Wash Skinny Jeans / Light Wash Skinny Jeans (similar) / Skinny Overalls / High Rise Denim Shorts (I went up one size for more room in the thighs) / White Denim Shorts / Kick Flare Jeans / Denim Skirt (similar) / Leopard Loafers (similar) / Mule Loafers (go up 1/2 size) / Leather Sandals Have I convinced you guys to try one yet?! If so (or if you’re on the fence), here are some great resources to help get you started in the process: The Cladwell capsule app—use the code SPREADTHELOVE when you sign up on their website for a full month for free! Un-Fancy’s step-by-step guide to building a capsule wardrobe Ashlyn Carter’s video on planning to start a capsule wardrobe The Vetta Capsule complete guide to creating a capsule wardrobe

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scoop neck dress
scoop neck dress
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Pink scoop neck sleeveless full length dress
Scoop Neck Ethnic Print Sleeveless Dress - 2xl
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Scoop Neck Dress
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scoop neck dress
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Scoop Neck Dress
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Dress - Scoop Neck Sleeveless
Plus Size Scoop Neck Geometric Dress - Blue 4xl
Scoop Neck Dress
Scoop Neck Dress
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Scoop Neck Dress
Scoop Neck Dress
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Scoop Neck Dress
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