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Well, Good Morning to all of you! We woke up in our own house this morning after being at our son’s house babysitting for eight days! Whew, we made it! Those little ones are hell on wheels, but so adorable and funny! The funniest thing that they both do is after they poop (they both want their privacy :)), they yell for me to come “wipe them” and there they are bent over, basically touching their toes with their little fanny’s facing me! It’s hilarious! I left for two days to go to New York during this babysitting gig to attend a meeting with Chico’s (be on the lookout for some exciting stuff from them shortly!). My husband was so sweet and encouraged me to go, but I felt a small tinge of wrong for leaving. I promise he wasn’t on his own. He had their nanny to help! I think we are in need of a vacay or at least massage! Showing this black shirt dress today by Tory Burch. This dress is one of those dresses that is a classic and can take you a million places. It’s easy enough to pack in a suitcase and not take up any room. Do you ever need a particular kind of dress but don’t have it? This dress can be worn to luncheons, work, church, funerals, dinners, after work cocktails, and more. Obviously, it wouldn’t work for a dressy cocktail party or formal event, but you could get a lot of mileage out of it! I love a shirt dress for that reason. I think the dress being black and having gold buttons dress this up a little more too. I am a huge fan of a leopard shoe with all black as well! Can you believe that I bought the Chanel earrings I am wearing when I was in college? I think I paid $175 for them, which was a lot back then. I saw the value of them on a website, and I am so glad that I hung on to them!   I am so happy that we get a few days to thaw out in Dallas. The weather has been so cold, and I am ready to wear a sweater without a coat. My skin, mainly my hands are so dry, especially from wiping little one’s fannies! Have a great start to the week! xx Photos: Marrica Evans Tory Burch Shirt Dress // Leopard Shoes (similar) // Gucci Bag (similar) Chanel Hoops (similar) SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave The post A BLACK SHIRTDRESS THAT CAN TAKE YOU A MILLION PLACES appeared first on The Middle Page.

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