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5 Ways to Style a Leopard Print Blouse

Say hello to your new neutral my friends. Without a doubt, leopard print is one of my favorite trends we are seeing this season. But to be honest, did it ever go away? My vote is no but we all have our preferences on leopard print. I’ve never received so many DMs and comments over one top like this blouse. So with that, it was only appropriate for me to share a few different ways to style your leopard print blouse this season. How would you wear it? xx Ashley STYLE A LEOPARD PRINT BLOUSE… 1. WITH YOUR FAVORITE DENIM As seen here! This is such a great casual look. I like to wear this with pale pink pumps or slip on flats. 2. UNDER A SLIP DRESS OR JUMPSUIT This jumpsuit just went on sale and would look very “Parisian chic” paired with this leopard blouse. You could also wear it with your favorite white blouse or striped top. The options are endless. Same goes for this slip dress which is honestly a closet staple. 3. WITH CROPPED PANTS I love these wide-leg cropped pants in black. But how gorgeous would this look with the Red Tanin color? 4. WITH A SATIN SKIRT I have this skirt and have worn it so much in the past week. With sneakers, heels, mules — it’s a great basic. And honestly, the quality is surprising for the under 50 price tag. Highly recommend! 5. UNDER DENIM OVERALLS I love these overalls (or this tailored version). I know they aren’t for everyone, but they can look really chic when worn right. Pair with this leopard blouse and a pair of heels for a casual date night. OUTFIT DETAILS: Leopard Blouse (FIT: this ran a little big) | Seashell Pink Pumps (Fit: TTS – more sizes here) | Denim | Gucci Sunglasses | Coin Necklace | Celine Mini Belt Bag Related Black & Leather Spotted Black Ruffled Blouse 6 Blazers That Never Go Out of Style, Now on Sale!

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