Strapless Draped Front Tie Dress
Strapless Draped Front Tie Dress
Strapless Draped Front Tie Dress

Strapless Draped Front Tie Dress

Diane von Furstenberg
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    Cut in a soft and stretchy printed knit nylon mesh fabric, this strapless dress is a divine evening option with modern design and print appeal. Lined in a light luxe jersey, it features a midi length, our custom Whiston stripe print in black, and two sheer sashes hanging from either side that can be tied around the neck and shoulders that allow for versatile styling options.

    100% Nylon

    86cm / 34" from natural waist Style #: 11094DVF Color ID: WHSTB

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    Bye-Bye Frosé: Bartenders Weigh In On The 2018 Drinks Of Summer

    For the past several summers, frosé has been the drink on everyone's lips. Restaurants and bars across the country have their own takes on the frozen rosé drink, from simple strawberry or lemon juice-infused versions to the most over-the-top interpretation piled high with candy, and everything in between. Well, no offense to frosé, but the magic has started to wane. It was bound to happen with time. This summer, we're looking for a new drink trend, something that will make us feel the way we did the very first time we slurped down frosé — a cocktail that's as refreshing, delicious, and yes, Instagram-worthy as the icy-cold, pink favorite of summers past. As part of our quest, we reached out to bartenders across the country for their insights into what drinks former frosé lovers will be obsessing over in the coming months. Ahead, find all the warm-weather beverage trends they've been noticing, including frozen cocktails, spritzes, and something called a "schappsicle." Move over frosé, summer 2018 has something even better on the horizon. Carrie Heller, general manager at The Normandie Club in Los Angeles, CA Spritzes "I think the Spritz, in all iterations, will take this year's summer sipping by storm. Living in a wellness-centric city like L.A., we are seeing more and more people looking for ways to drink socially without compromising flavor. A low-ABV [alcohol by volume] cocktail lets you loosen up a bit without missing your alarm clock in the morning. At The Normandie Club, the Spritz is a mainstay on our menu and one of my favorites. We use wine as the base, paired with low-ABV amaros, liqueurs, and seasonal fruit to add a little something extra!" Jessica Maria, co-owner of the Hotsy Totsy Club in Albany, CA Clarified Milk Punch "A cocktail trend that I suspect may become the next big thing is clarified milk punch. While the punch or method for making the punch has been around since the early 18th century, I'm seeing it pop up on menus at a steady pace. Considering the extremely labor intensive process for creating this punch, the fact that it's gaining such a wide audience is quite exciting! We have a milk punch on the menu now, inspired by the piña colada. We call it Unicorn Tears." Breanna Richey, bartender at Midnights in Brooklyn, NY Frozen Cocktails "What I think the 'new frosé' is going to be is more [about moving] away from the actual frosé and going into more frozen cocktail. Right now we have one, it’s a yuzu lemonade and gin-infused frozen cocktail. It’s called the Yojimbo. It’s phenomenal. It’s basically like a Japanese frozen gimlet… Creating different cocktails within the same realm, we’ve had a lot of success with and people have definitely responded to [it]." Chelsea Carrier, wine manager at Covina & O Ya in New York, NY Coconut Cartel Drinks "I think that the next summer drink craze will revolve around Coconut Cartel's coconuts. Coconut Cartel distributes some of the best quality whole coconuts with about 14 ounces of coconut water. Just add 2 ounces of Plantation 5 Year Rum, stick a straw directly into the whole coconut, and you have the next Instagram-ready, crushable cocktail!" Meaghan Dorman, bar director at Raines Law Room, The Bennett, & Dear Irving in New York, NY Paloma Cocktails "The Paloma cocktail is having a moment, whether it's the classic version (tequila, grapefruit, lime, agave, Perrier, salt), which we serve at the Bennett, a spicy variant such like the Garden Paloma RLR (tequila, grapefruit, lime, agave, Perrier, salt), or the Dove Dispatch (tequila, grapefruit, lime, agave, Perrier, salt), a vegetal variation." Anne Robinson, head bartender at Locanda Verde in New York, NY Vermouth "I am hoping for a summer trend of vermouths. There are so many wonderful new vermouths not only being imported from around the world, but being made locally. A little club soda or sparkling wine, a citrus twist, and be sure to hold the plastic straw (saving the environment is IN!). This is the Spritz I'll be playing with and sipping all day long in the summer heat." Samantha Safer, owner & beverage director at Otway in Brooklyn, NY Tiki Drinks "I think Tiki is going to be huge again this year, especially following the recent opening of Major Food Group's The Polynesian. When it's hot and humid, I want something refreshing and balanced, layered with citrus and just enough sugar to quench my thirst. I easily crush bottles of velvet falernum and green chartreuse in the summer months. Combine those with a great rum and some fresh fruit, and you've got a refreshing cocktail." Samantha Germani, beverage director at Walnut Street Café in Philadelphia, PA Frozen Cocktails "Frozen cocktails are such a hit and there are so many recipes to play with. At Walnut Street Café, we serve our frozen cocktails like a Paloma and Gold Rush in party cups with a gummy garnish and umbrellas." Rachel Paulson, bartender at The FLATS Restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA Schnappsicles, Friesling, Mezcal, & CBD Cocktails "There’s this thing that’s circulating called a 'Schnappsicle.' It’s basically peach schnapps in whatever flavor of schnappsicle you want. So, if it’s a blackberry schnappsicle, you’ll do peach schnapps, blackberry syrup, and sparkling wine. Then you freeze it, and they actually become little popsicles. What some people have been doing is taking Champagne, pouring it into a glass, and then putting the schnappsicle in the Champagne glass. So, it’s a popsicle in champagne that you let melt as you drink it." "There’s another one called Friesling, which is exactly how it sounds. It’s a frosé but with a Riesling. You choose whatever flavor syrup you want and then you do a para liqueur and a riesling to top it off. Then you freeze it." "Oh, and CBD [cannabidiol] cocktails are huge too. CBD cocktails are doing huge things out here, as well." Abigail Gullo, head bartender at Compère Lapin in New Orleans, LA Fraperols "I think Fraperol will be the new Frosé. Frozen Aperol drinks, like the Sacred Spring on our menu now." Inspired by the colors in a painting by Gustav Klimt, the frozen Sacred Spring cocktail is prepared with tequila, aperol, orange juice, orange liqueur, and passionfruit liqueur. Payal Sharma, owner of Baar Baar in New York, NY Frozen Negronis "Negronis are so popular these days, so we wanted to take that and turn it into something you can drink all summer. We just put a Frozen Negroni on the menu at Baar Baar and can't wait for the warmer weather so we can enjoy them on our patio." Daniela Mastropietro, bartender at Sauce Restaurant in New York, NY Sgroppino "This summer, I think the Sgroppino is going to be very popular. It's a classic Italian summer drink that combines lemon sorbet, vodka, prosecco, and limoncello and is perfect for enjoying on a patio in the sun. Sauce Restaurant offers this cocktail as a rotating special." Kacey Liebes, restaurant manager at Counting House in Durham, NC "Dressed Can" Cocktails "A really fun trend right now is the 'Dressed Can' cocktail. This can be a beer or soda that you pop open and add other ingredients directly into the can. La Croix cans are especially popular for this sort of mixing, but the options are limitless. The beauty of this type of cocktail is that you can go as simple or as complex as you like. You can go fancy with a ton of ingredients and crazy garnishes, keep it casual with a beer and a shot poured in, or land somewhere in between." Norma Beekman, bartender at Lockbox in Lexington, KY Craft Gins and Classic Cocktails "Gin will continue to grow in popularity and be this year’s summer go to. We've had three new craft gins hit our market this year: Sip Smith Gin from London, Alltech Gin from here in Lexington, and my favorite, Castle and Key from Frankfort, Kentucky. I love Castle and Key for many reasons, but mostly because of its rich history in the bourbon world and because of Marianne Barnes, who is their master distiller and one of, if not the first, female master distiller in Kentucky since prohibition. Classic cocktails are back. I love paying homage by mixing up a 'The Last Word' or 'Ellison' cocktail, now with Castle and Key Gin." Anne Beccera, beverage director at Treadwell Park in New York, NY Sour Beers "What's really exciting for me is to see how many people are discovering and enjoying sour beers. As summer approaches, tart, highly thirst-quenching sours like goses and Berliner-style weisses are growing immensely in popularity, particularly with rosé drinkers. Several of these styles incorporate different fruits, spices like coriander and salt, and finish with a pleasant, lip smacking dryness. They have very little residual sugar making them great 'light' options that still have a ton of flavor. Many of them are now available in cans, making them the perfect grab and go option for warm weather. I think you'll see a lot of people trading in their margaritas and rosés for highly refreshing, delicious sour beers." Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here? 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