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Indigo Denim Jumper Dress
White Knit Sweater Dress
Black Zip Suede Fringe Sweater Dress
Indigo Denim Patch Jumper Dress
Grey Micro Swallow Sweatshirt Dress
Black Micro Swallow Sweatshirt Dress
The Sweater Dress: My New Winter Obsession

I never realized how amazing sweater dresses really are until I recently got this one from Madewell! It's the perfect cozy piece to have during the winter! They're great for rolling out of bed, slipping on, and making a cup of coffee in. Or if you have a brunch date with friends, a sweater dress is the perfect piece! The button details on this one really made me fall in love with it. It's such a simple detail that makes it unique and interesting. Plus, I feel like it's kind of difficult to dress this time of year. At least for me, I am already bored of Winter and ready for Spring! A sweater dress is that perfect happy-medium transition piece that works great for both seasons! Also, I have been working with Shopbop lately and I can't get enough of their site! They have so many brands that I love and that I can shop all in one place. So here are a couple of items I am currently drooling over right now:1. Suede Vince Mules2. Shashi Tortoise Hoop Earrings3. Sea Asymmetrical Pintuck Dress4. Rag & Bone Bolt Tee What I'm Wearing: Sweater Dress: Madewell (shop more sweater dresses here!) Coffee Mug: ML Pottery Photos by Dawn Photo SHOP SWEATER DRESSES BELOW:

Black Logo V-Neck Sweatshirt Dress
Navy Logo V-Neck Sweatshirt Dress
Grey Sleeveless Basic Sweatshirt Dress
Black Sleeveless Basic Sweatshirt Dress
Black Bodycon Turtleneck Dress
Black Knit Turtleneck Dress
Red Knit Turtleneck Dress
Grey Swallow Signature Sweatshirt Dress
Grey Swallows Sweatshirt Dress
Grey & Black Punk Stripe Swallow Sweater Dress
Black Cashmere Turtleneck Dress
Black Sweatshirt Dress
Grey Sweatshirt Dress
Black Bluma Turtleneck Dress
Navy Michelle Sweater Dress
White Michelle Sweater Dress
Black Asymmetric Turtleneck Dress
Black Sleeveless Turtleneck Dress
Multicolor Colorblocked Sweater Dress
Black Chain Embellished Turtleneck Dress
Grey Wool Zip Sweater Dress
Black Sleeveless Turtleneck Dress
Black Giant Swallow Sweater Dress
Black Swallow Sweatshirt Dress
Grey Eye Sweatshirt Dress
Black Deka Sweater Dress
Grey Deka Sweater Dress
Black Cashmere Slit Front Sweater Dress
Black Buttoned Turtleneck Dress
Brown Buttoned Turtleneck Dress
Black Zip Sweatshirt Dress
Grey Zip Sweatshirt Dress
Black Nagel Turtleneck Dress
Navy Hybrid Turtleneck Dress
Black Ruffle Sweatshirt Dress
Black Fairisle Thunderbolt Sweatshirt Dress
Pink Tiger Sweatshirt Dress
Black Knit Turtleneck Dress
Grey Mock Neck Sweatshirt Dress
Black Cabrol Turtleneck Dress
Black & Grey Patched V-Neck Sweater Dress
Grey Wool Turtleneck Dress