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Fitting Room Snapshots (#NSale)

Sharing some fitting room snapshots from my trip to Nordstrom.  Didn't try too much stuff on because at one point I just didn't feel like looking for more and went to Anthropologie instead lol  Some items from the earlier roundup were still my favorites.  My favorite item so far! This chunky sweater below... SO good!  The sleeves are quite oversized fyi...which I personally love.  The cardigan is a pretty Mauve color,...so much nicer in person. It does come in more colors. Didn't try too many jeans on (was sad that these were only left in one size in store. Little to pricey still).  Grabbed the ones below and they're under $40. High waisted. TTS.  Quite nice for the $ actually.👌 Cardigan in size 2   |  Jeans tts.  I knew I was going to love this cardigan when I saw it online. And love it I did. It's cashmere and it just looks very luxe in person.  BUT I didn't want to spend that much $$ on a cardigan.  Sadly had to pass. Will talk about the jeans below. Cashmere Cardigan in xs Nice basic cardigan. Really liked the color. tts.  Wish it had pockets though. It comes in 4 more colors. Ribber Shawl Cardigan in xs Also liked this cardigan (I do love cardigans).   TTS.  Love that this one had pockets. Comes in 5 more colors. I also wanted to try this carding that is loved by everyone but my size was already sold out.  But if feels like the coziest blanket every...which you never want to take off. Seriously! Curve Hem Cardigan in xs Not gonna lie...I was a little surprised that this color was NOT flattering on me haha. SO sad as I really love it.  It does come in 4 more colors though. V Neck sweater in xs Love the button detail on sleeves.  The sweater is cashmere and just a tad itchy.  But super cute. Still thinking if I need it lol  Noticed it comes in gray too (favorite color). Might need it now for sure ;) LOVED these style and wash of these jeans SOOO much (only tried two pairs of jeans). These ran tts but I felt like I needed a bit more room in the waist (I did have food baby going. or just bloated. who knows anymore).  I definitely would have NOT paid much attention to these online, they look just MEH but in person the wash is so much nicer.   Maybe 😬 (don't know which ones I like better actually). Sweater tts  |   Jeans  tts  Another color I really wanted to love on me. But boy did it look bad on me. Like really bad. 😭I did majorly size up in this sweater as it runs super tiny/tight...I think a few sizes (I believe to size 8)Ribbed Sweater This green in prettier in person (comes in two more colors).  It's pretty nice, no complaints about it...  Just didn't love it enough to buy it (It was definitely ones of those days where much did not impress me). Balloon Sleeve Sweater  in xs Since only size Large was left in this sweater I still had to try it on. It just looked like something I like.  It comes in two more colors (kinda digging the red).   I'd probably size up in this one anyway as I do love oversized sweaters...maybe a Medium.  Not sure.  I'll keep you posted as I really do like it. Might order. Rib Funnel Neck Sweater  Just a cute basic top, nice for lounging. It would look great under cardigans for a casual Fall outfit. Tried on XS and this is the fit. I wouldn't size down personally.  I like the fit. Button Front top This henley was pretty soft. Nothing amazing but nice for lounging/casual days.  Avail. in more colorsThermal Henley Top in xs I thought I liked this top but I think I just liked the style. It was prettier in person I thought but my sis said Meh...so I didn't get it.  It does come in more colors/printsBlouse in xs This is one item I REALLY wanted but really don't need. But I want it. lol  Tried on size small here and I liked the fit. Just roomy enough to be comfy. and maybe wear a tee underneath.  Comes in two more colors.  Will talk about joggers below. Patagonia Lightweight Sweater Fleece in Small  Tried on XS in this vest and it was a tad tight...especially if layered over something thicker.  I'd go with Small in this one. Vest  LOVED these soft Zella joggers but I do wish they were a tad shorter (I'm 5'6").  Comfy and cute.  But I was reminded that I have too many joggers already lol  Tried on xs and liked the fit. tts. Soft Joggers in xs I think by now everyone knows Zella has amazing leggings.  I've had these for a few years now and they're amazing (they have 3.8K reviews..so yes, they're amazing).    But how fab are these gray ones? I tried on size Small (which is my size in Zella leggings).  Again was told I don't need them since I don't work out lol.  I legit felt so fit in these 😂 They sucked in everything very nicely.   I ended up ordering them shhh 👌 Zella Zip Leggings in Small  (ankle zipper is functional).  Love these too I wasn't sure what these were at first... jogger pj's? lounging pants?  Whatever they are, they're SO SO soft and comfy.  They were in the sleepwear DP so...  While I have a ton of pj's I can't stand to sleep in them 90% of the time  (do you ever feel like your legs can't breath? lol).  But I knew that in these I will be able to sleep (in winter).  Ordered them in xs which is what I'm wearing below. 👌 Lounge Joggers in xs  Cuter in person but super low cut (way lower than in this pic, I had to fix it before taking pic).  Open back too.  Cute but not for me. Floral Dress  in 36/US6 (fits like size 2-4) This dress was so cute but to low cut for me. Midi Dress in XS Classy dress but I think it needs a smoothing garment underneath. Didn't love it on me.  Tried on size 2 and it fits ok. Fringe Hem A-line dress Plaid sleeves were an interesting touch on this trench coat.  Something different. Tried on xs and I would preferred it more fitted. But it wasn't really big. If that makes senseTrench Coat I'll share Home favorites and Men Picks.   I noticed this cute fringe pillow I got last year is available again this year. I want this throw just wish they had size info. 

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