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Portman Maternity Tunic Dress
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Fashion Tips: A Local Touch on Foreign Streets

Traveling is all about new experiences, but sometimes it’s fun to bring a touch of home with you wherever you go–and if the world is a stage and every sidewalk is a runway, then the best way to do that is through fashion. Because as the world becomes more homogenized and ‘fast-fashioned’, what better way to individualize your look and stand out from the crowd on foreign streets than to add a bit of local flavour? On many of Ito’s and my trips, I try to mix a modern Filipiniana piece with my streetwear basics for a more contemporary, ‘real style’ take on local fashion. For autumn in Madrid, I belted a mélange Barong tunic/dress of my design over charcoal grey Heattech thermal top and leggings worn with sneakers and topped it all off with a charcoal grey wool coat. It was unique look that was still very wearable and comfortable…they way I think fashion at its truest sense should be What do you think of it? Do you think Filipiniana as streetwear is fashionable? *Photos by Ito Ocampo

Hollie Tunic Dress
Hollie Tunic Dress
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Hollie Tunic Dress
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Tunic Dress
Plus Size Cami Silky Tunic Dress - Pink 2xl
Tweed check tunic dress
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Eyelet-cotton tunic dress
Curve green and blue sleeveless tunic dress
Blue heron print 'Vada' tunic dress
Blue Carrera frill tunic dress
Ivory floral print 'rahma' mini tunic dress
Blue pleat detail tunic dress
Black broidery anglaise 'Vader' tunic dress
Red broidery anglaise 'Vader' tunic dress
Multicoloured abstract 'esmai' floral tunic dress
Black pleat detail tunic dress
Black 'Jimena' mini tunic dress
Blue layered print tunic dress
Pink split layered tunic dress
Black floral print 'Valencia' mini tunic dress
Plaid Tunic Dress
Floral Tunic Dress
Prescot Tunic Dress
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Tunic Dress
Tunic Dress
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