Valentino Dress
Valentino Kiss Dress
Valentino Kiss Dress
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Valentino Kiss Dress
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Viva Haute Couture! With this parole, we could celebrate the latest Valentino Haute Couture collection for Fall 2018. If you thought that the spirit of Couture has been gone and that is no longer so extravagant and edgy like we used to, then this collection will reinsure you in the opposite. Pierpaolo Piccoli has brought not just the new aesthetic but it has taken a totally new swirl in the design, too.  Something that catches our attention is the volume which is the latest Valentino collections on the perfect spin. And that voluminous silhouette is so glamorous, it has still kept that typical Valentino glamour and chic, but this time in the totally new concept which is bolder, edgier and simply beautiful. Seems like with this collection the true spirit of Haute Couture has kept and delivered in the most amazing way. The volume is kept here on the multiple levels. The volume on volume is something that works amazingly in the Piccoli style. It does not look overwhelmed, too much. Contrary, it looks so polished and easy to wear, full of the playful refined features. The long and flowy dresses which in all their ethereal glory follow the silhouette of the body, the on the top capes with the same voluminosity which have brought that extra chic and couture spirit to the whole design story. Not to forget the volume on the hair. With the pulled back sleek texture it has only undertoned the visual motivation of this whole collection! Among the volume and chic opulence, one thing what was on the point were the printed textures. Those prints look like they were taken from the modern, abstract painting. With the lines and coloristic solutions not only on the gowns and clothes but on the eyes too in the form of vibrant bold eyeliner, it has accentuated the ethereal aura of this whole collection. One step further in this sweet prints story were the embroidered dresses. That embroidery has looked dazzling and with the vintage kind of aura. not to forget to mention the numerous ruffles which have undertoned the new romanticism of Valentino. Of course, talking about the ruffles, if you have thought that this new aesthetic approach has gone without the Valentino red dress, well you were wrong! Ruffles all the way for the new spin of on item which has become so inevitable but still breathtaking and gasping! For Valentino Haute Couture will always be exclusive, exciting and promising. And with the Pierpaolo Piccioli on the head, a step further in the extravaganza! What do you think about this collection? Do you like this volume full ensembles? Which dress is your favorite one? Thank you for the attention! Georgia! xo  

Red Valentino Women's Black Cotton Dress
Red Valentino Women's Black Acetate Dress
Red Valentino Women's Multicolor Polyester Dress
Black Knit Butterfly Dress
White Poplin & Lace Shirt Dress
Yellow Pleated Bow Dress
Black Scallop Rockstud Dress
Black A-Line Dress
Black Knit Dress
Multicolor Jacquard Garden Party Dress
Black & White Geometric Patterned Dress
Black Jacquard Astro Dress
leopard brocade silk blend mini dress
ruffle neck skater dress
Ruffled wool and silk-blend crepe mini dress
Striped wool and silk-blend mini dress
Ruffle-trimmed crepe mini dress
Camelia lace-paneled ribbed wool mini dress
Printed silk dress
vestido transparente
minivestido acampanado
vestido Hooped Skater
frill detail dress
pleated chiffon dress
vestido con cintura lazada
vestido con detalle de abertura y encaje
vestido con bordado de árboles
vestido con dobladillo de volantes festoneados
vestido a capas con pliegues
vestido acampanado con bordados
vestido corto bordado
vestido acampanado con motivo de cashmere
lace dress
Women's Blue Silk Dress
Women's Grey Wool Dress
Women's Black Silk Dress
Women's Black Silk Dress
Women's Black Viscose Dress