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Our Editors Are Buying This Shoe in Multiples for Fall

While it’s never a happy time storing away your prettiest sandals, the arrival of fall means that a whole new world of footwear has opened up. Flats in particular are idea for transitional weather since they look great with anything from a midi-skirt to a tailored trouser and, bonus, are exceptionally comfortable. There’s also no limit to the design options, meaning no matter your personal style, there’s a pair out there for you. Whether you like a ladylike velvet option, or a wildly-patterned statement loafer, these are the 15 styles we’re investing in for fall.   Hannah Baxter Editor 1. Martiniano Glove Shoe: My #slimewatch2k18 campaign is still going strong, which obviously means I need a pair of slime green flats for fall. I’ve drooled over Martiniano for as long as I can remember, and now that this new shade is in my sights, they’re going to finally join my closet family. 2. Chloé Sky Embroidered Velvet Ballet Flats: There’s sadly no way my budget will allow me to invest in the full Chloé suit in this pattern, but I can scoop the velvet flats and be quite content. 3. Emme Parsons Certo Flat: Emme Parsons can do no wrong in my opinion, and her new Mary-Jane mule hybrid is just the latest iteration of her genius. The luscious neutral shade will pair perfectly with my denim and blazers uniform this fall.   Leah Faye Cooper Editorial Director 1. Gucci Jordaan Horsebit-detailed Leather-trimmed Velvet Loafers: I never considered myself a loafer girl until I saw them in pink velvet topped with a Gucci horsebit. Now, they’re all I can think about. 2. J.W. Anderson Lace-up Suede and Leather Ballet Flats: A heel is such an easy way to make a shoot stand out, so flats need a really strong detail to make a statement. Enter the thick laces on this pair, which I can definitely see myself wrapping around my ankles. 3. CHANEL Ballerina: If you don’t understand the significance and timelessness of a CHANEL ballet flat, I’m concerned.   Noah Lehava Director, Lifestyle & Talent 1. Rochas Crystal Flower Slingback: I weep over Rochas entire flat lineup—they are just excruciatingly beautiful—but I sometimes struggle with a mule, and they have so many that I want. That’s why I’m so relieved to find a slingback pair that’s equally as stunning and stays on my feet. 2. No. 21 Bow Flat: More bows, please!! 3. Bougeotte Embroidered Flaneur Loafer: I’m sorry, have you ever seen a more perfect loafer?   Ivanna Martinez-Gonzalez Social Media Associate 1. LOQ Carmen Mules: Though they have a super small heel, I still consider these Carmen mules the perfect flat for pre-fall. You can wear them with a jean, a straight leg pant, even a patterned dress! The camel colored flat really allows room for any kind of outfit. They work with any season, so might as well get this staple. 2. Stubbs and Wootton Night and Day Slippers: A fun loafer is always a great conversation starter! I have the very known “Screw You” flats, and I get asked about them every single time I wear them. These are great for work, a party, even lounging around in the house. I personally think they are more comfortable than slippers! 3. Everlane Day Glove in White: Comfortable leather flats are hard for me to find, especially when you’re walking in them for 12-14 hours a day. The name definitely suits the flat because they really do feel like gloves, so easy to put on and not even notice them! I love the white color (still OK to wear after Labor Day in my book) because they make any outfit look more “retro chic”.   Nandi Howard Editorial Production Fellow 1. Jeffrey Campbell Marly F: You can always count on Jeffrey Campbell for a dramatic shoe and this leopard flat is no different. Although, I won’t be wearing my bare feet this winter I will definitely pair these with some stockings underneath. 2. Brother Vellies Black Huaraches: Ditching the traditional black work flat for these hand-woven shoes that wouldn’t get too ruined in the New York snow. 3. Air Vapormax and Off-White: If you can get your hands on this exclusive Off-White and Nike collab then this is the perfect shoe to get you from point A to point B. It’s comfortability will have you never wanting to take them off and they pretty much go with everything (even suits).   Want more stories like this? Batsheva Will Make You Want to Live in Prairie Dresses 15 Practical Things to Add to Your Wardrobe A Case for Wearing Neon Everything

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