embellished V-neck dress
vestido acampanado
Rhode Island Velvet Dress
Biskek Dress
vestido estilo camiseta a capas
vestido midi a rayas
Makeup trends for Fall Winter 2017-2018: space grey for eyes, lips and hands

All you need to do to make your eyes shine, and still look chic, is add a few touches of shimmer grey and silver shades to your makeup. Forget the somber hues everyone usually associates to the new season, and get inspired by the Fall Winter 2017-2018 shows, which surprised us with glow nuances and captivating smokey eyes. EYES Elie Saab shows us elegant and refined black smokey eyes, while at Shoji‘s, eyes are grey, with some glitter along the waterline. Genny showcases silver nuances that look perfect with golden eyebrows. These grey tones look perfect with black and gold, but they are also beautiful with blue and brown. They can cover your entire lid, they can just highlight the corner of your eye, or they can also just come as a light pencil or eyeliner mark. They look great with olive skin, and totally glam with fair skin tones. LIPS AND HANDS Vivetta shock us with their silver, space-woman-like lips. If you don’t dare to wear such a peculiar shade of lipstick, play with your nails, like Michael Kors did with the nails of his models. Ready to catch everyone’s eye with your super luminous makeup? Remember to pick between eyes and lips, though, otherwise you will look like a space cowboy!

Women's Black Polyester Dress
Women's Black Polyester Dress
Women's Green Polyester Dress
vestido acampanado
Santiago Dress
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vestido camisero Teheran
vestido de encaje con paneles con motivos
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Kosovo Dress
Abito Frou
vestido con bordado floral
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vestido camisero con capa de encaje
vestido con pechera con logo bordado
vestido con estamapdo floral
Black Velvet Dress
geometric print dress
floral print dress
Gran Canaria Dress
New Delhi Dress
Logo Embroidered Dress
Tied Maxi Dress
Logo Embroidered Dress
Tied Maxi Dress
Black Midi Dress
White Midi Dress
Embroidered Floral Dress
Embroidered Dress
Tricolor Ribbon Midi Dress
Rose Knit Dress
Embroidered Collar Velvet Dress
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Short dress
Short dress
Shirt dress
Short dress
Gwalior Dress
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