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DRESS - ASOS / JACKET - RESERVED (SIMILAR - ASOS) / BOOTS - TOPSHOP / BAG - BALENCIAGA / HAT - BRIXTON Oh hi, you know me. Never dressing appropriately for the weather! I don't know what it is but I have always seemed to subconsciously protested what time of year it is. Every single year my mum will say to me 'Sam you never feel the cold do you!', which is subsequently followed by my eye roll and 'ugh mum you say that me every year'. It might partly be that I feel the cold a little less than most but also I am someone who gets bored very easily. So wearing jeans and a jumper day in, day out for months on end just isn't going to cut it for me. It's fun playing around with layers and lengths in winter and over the years I have experimented a lot with styling dresses for winter. Dress wise, I usually go for one which is darker in tone than my summer choices and I always love a good print. It makes the rest of the outfit so much easier to figure out because the dress really does the work for you. For me the key is getting the balance of the outfit right. My go-to way to style a dress in the cold is to go for a maxi dress with a chunky knit over the top. To me this looks quite Scandi and effortless. It is such an easy outfit to put together and is also a really easy way to wear a bit more colour, either with the dress or the jumper. You can then add some more minimal accessories with some simple structures black boots and a beanie or baker boy hat on top to finish off the look. Down below i'm going to include a chunky knit edit. Ones that would look great with a draped winter maxi dress. T H E K N I T W E A R E D I T The other go-to way is to simply layer it up. You could go for a cardi layered with a leather jacket, a teddy bear coat, a denim jacket and a big chunky scarf for added warmth and interest, the world is your oyster! It obviously depends how cold it is, for this look it wasn't too cold when shooting so I went for a simple oversized leather jacket and a baker boy cap with some grey boots to add a different tone into the outfit. There are so many different ways that you can play around with dresses for winter and it's one of my favourite things to do for this time of the year. If you don't have weatherproof (I guess) legs like mine you can obviously add tights into the equation too. Below is an edit of my current favourite winter dress picks T H E W I N T E R D R E S S E D I T I wanted to give an honourable mention to layering dresses with jeans too. It's a trend that i've only dabbled in but I love the look. This is great for those of you who are NOT a fan of getting your legs out during winter, it's another way to make your outfit much more interesting. I think Aylin Koenig is the queen of this look and she always gives me so much layering inspo! Lastly, here is my little edit of other great pieces you could layer your favourite winter dress with. T H E L A Y E R E D I T The post HOW TO PULL OFF DRESSES IN WINTER appeared first on Samantha Maria.

Winter Floral Dress
Winter Floral Dress
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Winter Floral Dress
Winter Floral Dress
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KRISTEN - Jersey dress - winter cherry